A little tranquility on Tuesday

So, I went back.

Over the weekend my family went to see the cherry blossoms in DC. They were gorgeous, if a few days pre-peak. I was completely satisfied with that trip but…we only get so many springs right?

I looked at the weather, looked at my calendar, and decided to go back by myself yesterday when everything was in full gorgeous blossom. I took the train so I could work both ways. And I spent a few hours wandering around the Tidal Basin, just gawking at the thick canopy of snow-white flowers.

There are several more pictures on my Instagram account (@lvanderkam). As I walked I just couldn’t stop smiling. And since it was a Tuesday, there were plenty of less crowded spots. Just a little mid-week tranquility, and a big adventure for the week…

…which was good because as I was putting the 7-year-old to bed last night he said his stomach hurt and then – yep. Another round of getting vomited on. This morning the 10-year-old was calling for me and it turned out she had it too (though she was old enough to make it to the bathroom — one of the upsides of children growing up…). So, it was good I enjoyed the flowers yesterday as today there’s just a lot of laundry going on at the house!

5 thoughts on “A little tranquility on Tuesday

  1. It feels like the whole world has the stomach flu right now! So sorry, I hope everyone feels better soon.

    1. So true! I know a bunch of people (here in Atlantic Canada) who have the stomach flu as well.
      Seize the day, indeed. And you practice what you preach – carving out time for effortful fun!

      Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I’ve already mentioned how I feel (a sentiment I except is echoed by every parent everywhere) about having children in my house vomit.

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear that the stomach bug continues to move through your household. My hearty husband who never gets sick even caught the bug that hit our house, although he avoided throwing up. I’ve had a stomach bug 3 times in less than a year… the joys of having 2 kids in daycare I guess!

    But the Cherry Blossoms look gorgeous! So nice that you were able to sneak away for a solo trip. I saw the Cherry Blossoms in peak bloom years ago when I was in DC for the Cherry Blossoms 10 mile race. It made for some beautiful views on the run!

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