Best of Both Worlds podcast: Retreats — An in-person conversation about getting away

My BOBW co-host, Sarah, and I normally record remotely. Squadcast records local tracks for each person (which can then be combined; this produces better sound quality), and we see each other through the videoconference feature. Technology makes it work. But for this episode, we were together in person for the first time since 2019! We had a podcasting/relaxation retreat to discuss episode ideas and celebrate.

So it is appropriate that this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, recorded from a hotel room in Vero Beach, Florida, is about retreats. We talk about how to structure a retreat, and the importance of having an intention. We talk about the benefits of getting away for 2 nights if possible (knowing that it is not always possible — but worth aiming for). We discuss some past retreats each of us has taken, and some tips to make this time away fruitful.

In the Q&A section we tackle a classic BOBW issue. A listener who is working an 80 percent schedule suspects that she is doing a full time job’s worth of work. However, she likes being able to protect Fridays for personal things. Do we think she should try to stay at 80 percent — even as she’s going up for a promotion — or should she officially go full time?

Please give the episode a listen! We appreciate our listeners staying with us for these past 4.5 years. We had a lot to celebrate on our retreat.

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Retreats — An in-person conversation about getting away

  1. I love a writing retreat, it’s such a good way to protect my time and make substantial progress on projects. I find the preparation in advance really helpful, I clear the decks and get my notes, outlines, etc ready to go so I can turn off my internet and write while away. I’m off to one in the north of England in May and have uni funding to host one for academic moms/carers who want to refocus on their research after the disruption over the last year.
    This week, I’m in my work city despite no teaching, just b/c I’m so behind on things, I can catch up on everything without home distractions (and a big house project is being done and the mess and disruption would drive me bananas)

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