Want to make the most of your time? Here is how to make it happen…

But first a confession: I didn’t start out on this journey looking to become a time management expert. I simply wanted to learn how people built successful careers and meaningful lives in the 168 hours that we all have each week.

Track Your Time

Once you know how you’d like to spend your time, it’s important to figure out where the time is going now. If you don’t know where the time is going, how can you know if you’re changing the right things? So the next step in spending time better is to track your time. Sign up here to get my Time Tracking Sheets and FREE Time Makeover Guide.

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Time Tracking Challenge

Kick-start your time tracking by taking the “Time Tracking Challenge.” Sign up here and get daily emails to support you through your first week of time tracking. The challenge begins on Mondays, so you’ll receive your first email the Sunday before.

100 Dreams

What I learned was that it’s important to establish what you want to get out of life. So I recommend that people start by making a list of “100 Dreams.”

Anything you want to do, have, or spend more time on in the years to come. While you’re working on that, you might want to make some fun seasonal lists to give you ideas of things you’d like to do with your time in the near future. Check out my summer lists and holiday lists.

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Planning Tips & Hacks

Once you know how you are spending your time, there are loads of opportunities to tweak your schedule. Check out my favorite tips and hacks!

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Make Time for Writing

If making time for writing is your focus, great! I have been sharing my experiences with carving out time for creativity and improving at my craft over the years. I love helping people make time for their writing dreams. Maybe you’ll even find time to write that book!

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Make Time for Reading

Want to make more time for reading or want suggestions for what to read next?  With a few hacks to my schedule, I’ve found ways to fit more reading into my life. With a little planning, I think you can find more time too! I have put together a reading guide and I post regular book reviews with suggestions for what to try (and maybe what to avoid as well).

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Rather listen than read? Then dive into either one or both of my podcasts. The “Best of Both Worlds” podcast which I co-host with Sarah Hart-Unger airs every Tuesday where we talk about the challenges and joys of working and raising families. Or check out my daily “Before Breakfast” podcast where I share time management tips and strategies to feel less busy and get more done. Tune in and subscribe.

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Of course, if you don’t feel like bouncing all over the website, you can always dive into one of my time management books:

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