Juliet’s School of Possibilities

“Thousands of books explain how we should set priorities, stay focused, and make time for what truly matters—but that advice, however sound, is all too easy to ignore. Laura Vanderkam takes a different approach. By harnessing the irresistible power of storytelling, she makes those aims vivid and compelling in an entirely new way, to show us how and why we can make room for possibilities.”
—Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies and Better Than Before

“Laura is my go-to expert for time management and Juliet’s School of Possibilities is a delightful book. You can read it in a couple of short sittings, then go away with a lifetime of application.”
—Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle and The $100 Startup

“Volumes have been written about abundance versus lack mentalities,typically as they relate to money. But who among us hasn’t lamented, ‘I don’t have enough time’? Ah, but you do—and Laura Vanderkam’s sweet and sage parable will show you exactly how to find it, use it wisely, and revel in it richly. Read Juliet’s School and you too will find yourself saying, ‘Oh, the possibilities!’”
—John David Mann, coauthor of The Go-Giver

About the Book

From the bestselling author of What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast comes a compelling fable about the difference between busyness and true success. Laura Vanderkam applies everything she’s learned about time-management and work-life balance to this charming and inspiring story.

Juliet’s School of Possibilities: A Little Story About the Power of Priorities