The New Corner Office: How The Most Successful People Work From Home


“My goal is to motivate you to take charge of your workday, and your work life, and to achieve results that would not have been possible under the old operating instructions.”

About the Book

Drawing on my 18 years of experience working remotely, plus original interviews with managers, employees, and free agents who’ve perfected their remote routines, this timely book offers strategies for productivity, creativity, and health in the new corner office.

How do you do great work while sitting near the same spot where you watch Netflix? How can you be responsive without losing the focus necessary for getting things done? How can you maintain and grow your network when you spend less time face to face?

The key is to detach yourself from old ways of working and adopt new habits to match your new environment. Long before public health concerns pushed many of us indoors, some of the most successful people fueled their careers with carefully perfected work-from-home routines.

This book reveals how to turn “being cooped up” into the ultimate career advantage.

Hacks include:

  • Manage by task, not time. Going to an office for 8 hours makes you feel like you’ve done something, even if you haven’t. Remote workers should set 3-5 ambitious goals for each day and consider the work day done when these are crossed off.
  • Get the rhythm right. A well-planned day features time for focused work, interactive work, and rejuvenating breaks. In place of a commute, a consciously chosen shut down ritual keeps work from continuing all night.
  • Nurture connections. Wise remote workers can build broader and more effective networks than people sitting in the same cubicle five days a week.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a self-starter or someone who prefers detailed directions, you can do your clearest thinking and deepest work at home–and have more energy left over to achieve personal goals or fuel bigger professional ambitions. In fact, soon you might find it hard to imagine working any other way.


Interested in hearing more about The New Corner Office? Check out my podcast by the same name. 


  • “Succinct, actionable, inspiring advice to lean into a new economy.”
  • “Laura does a great job providing tips and also explaining why the tips make sense and will make for a better self-directed worker.”
  • “What a timely gift of sharing her priceless work-from-home wisdom. Everything I learn from Laura feels as if I am adding hours to my day. Highly recommend!”
  • “Easy to read and so very timely for our pandemic-induced workplace shifts.”
  • “I felt liberated and empowered to make the most of this unique time and feel confident I can make it work! This is a quick read with a lot packed in. Most importantly, it doesn’t waste your time!”
  • “I knew I was working from home all wrong, but couldn’t pull myself out of the insanity enough to find a way to adjust and change. Laura hit the nail on the head – outlining everything that I was doing and why it was creating a toxic work/life balance.”