Thursday reflections on Rule #8: Batch the little things

This week, the Tranquility by Tuesday Challenge has been focusing on Rule #8: Batch the little things. Creating a small window for administrative tasks and chores keeps them from taking over our lives.

Here are some questions to help you reflect on the past week:

  • Think back over the past week. What times did you designate for little tasks during your workdays?
  • What windows did you designate for household tasks and chores?
  • What effect did you see in your life from batching the little things?
  • What challenges did you face in trying to batch the little things? How did you address these challenges?
  • If you modified this rule, how did you do so?
  • How likely are you to continue batching the little things in your life?

As we hurtle toward the last week of this Tranquility by Tuesday Challenge, it’s also worth reflecting on the previous rules:

  • Did you observe a bedtime this past week?
  • Did you plan on Friday? (And is planning on your to-do list for tomorrow?)
  • Did you move by 3 p.m. most days?
  • Did you do your chosen activity three times per week?
  • Did you create a back-up slot, or build more open space generally into your schedule?
  • Did you have one big adventure and one little adventure this past week?
  • Did you take one night for you?

I’ll be back with the final rule from Tranquility by Tuesday tomorrow!

In other news: Sarah and I talked a bit about batching the little things in order to reduce transition time in our most recent episode of the Best of Both Worlds podcast. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do!

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