TBT In Real Life: Rachana Shah

When it comes to Tranquility by Tuesday, I don’t have a favorite rule, just like I don’t have a favorite child. But the rule from this week’s Tranquility by Tuesday In Real Life video…just might be the rule all the others are jealous of.

Much of adult life can feel the same day to day. That’s fine — there’s nothing wrong with routines. They make good choices automatic. But too much sameness stacked up means there’s nothing to distinguish the days. Whole years can disappear into memory sinkholes.

The solution is Tranquility by Tuesday Rule 6: One big adventure, one little adventure. Each week, aim to do two out-of-the-ordinary things. A big adventure can take a few hours (think half a weekend day). A little adventure can take less than an hour, as long as it’s different. The goal is to make memories without exhausting or bankrupting anyone.

In this week’s video, Rachana Shah, a physician and mother of two, talks about why she was drawn to the idea of creating little adventures. She talks about some of the adventures she’s had with her family — and solo — and she has some advice for folks who like the routine of climbing into their pajamas after work.

You can watch the video here.

We had such a great time filming in downtown Philadelphia! I will confess that my parallel parking game is not terribly strong, but I got some serious practice by Rachana’s townhouse and when we filmed the cafe and park scenes. My camera guy was driving a pick-up truck so he had even more parking adventures!

If you like the video, please share it. I’d like to give it as big an audience as possible.

And, in case you missed it, here’s the TBT In Real Life video about Rule #7: Take one night for you, that I released last week!

Photo: Rachana enjoying a little adventure for the cameras

One thought on “TBT In Real Life: Rachana Shah

  1. Loved the book. I’m an avid blog reader so obviously very familiar with concepts but the pacing was great, research and stories fun!

    One thing on my mind is effortful fun (especially at 38.5 weeks pregnant ;-)). A friend and I have a weekly (virtual) bachelor date, where we watch reality TV together. Is it watching TV? Yes. Does
    It require coordination and more effort from two moms of kids under 3 and a bigger reward than mindless scrolling? Yes too. I think it counts for something.

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