Friday miscellany: Why you need a bedtime, plus the round-up

It’s been quite the week, with a lot of talking about Tranquility by Tuesday! Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy of the book and who has posted a review or shared the news about the book on social media. I really appreciate it.

I’ll be re-running some of these links over the next few weeks because I realize when they’re all crammed in together people don’t necessarily visit all of them. So this is just round one! But some great ones, just like the past few days. And a few I will post early next week as well.

I wrote a piece for Harvard Business Review on “Why You Need a Bedtime.” Rule #1 is a very simple, straightforward rule, but it is absolutely life-changing. I have not gone to bed at my bedtime for the past few nights and…I am feeling it.

I was on LinkedIn’s Get Hired podcast with Andrew Seaman talking all things time management and how to make the most of your day.

I was on Hal Elrod’s very high-energy Achieve Your Goals podcast talking…achieving your goals, of course!

I was on Ashley Stahl’s You Turn podcast talking about how to create peaceful moments in our lives.

I spent this morning doing a radio tour! That was something…9 shows in a row. My apologies to some listeners in Chicago who experienced the fun of my phone completely going dead (my home turned into a cell-less zone for about 3 minutes…unsure what happened there). I got a kick out of hearing the traffic report and/or the weather in Chicago, Boston, New Orleans…

You can also read my Medium article on Why You Should Get Up and Take a Walk Right Now (seriously…have you moved by 3 p.m. today?)

I’ll post my next Tranquility by Tuesday In Real Life video tomorrow. I’m loving sharing this series with everyone! Here’s the first video, about Rule #7, which I released last week. I’ll also be having some fall fun this weekend, hopefully with a hike through fall leaves and apple picking. Pictures to come for sure.

Now…have you done your Friday planning (Rule #2) yet?

2 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Why you need a bedtime, plus the round-up

  1. I am working my way through your book, one rule at a time, starting with observing a regular bedtime, rule #1. For the past 2 nights I was in bed by 10! I really loved the advice of setting an alarm for when it’s time to wind down. That allows me time to futz a bit with my final activities without rushing. I’m pretending I’m one of your test participants and am tracking my progress in Evernote. 😊

    I’m planning on trying re #2, plan on Friday, next week!

    1. @Kelly – so glad you’re trying the rules! And yes, the wind down time is key. That makes it possible to get in bed without rushing…

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