Ninety cents of fun (and 2 hours of naptime)

Just posting quickly, as I have a 2 hours of nap time to get through an entire day’s worth of work…

For any Frugal Girl readers, I was today’s Meet the Reader post. I talk about the “why” behind saving money (freedom + security) and the wisdom of keeping base expenses low if possible. I take issue with how frugality literature often doesn’t question the decision to be a one-income family and why women need to protect their earning capacity.

Anyway, please check out the interview! In the meantime, I took my 2-year-old to the Please Touch Museum this morning. We have a membership, and they open only to members on Mondays, so it wasn’t too crowded. We had a good time but he definitely wanted to stop at the cafe, which is always a flash point for (frugal) me. My default answer on buying food out is no. I don’t want to start the habit, we bring snacks, we also have food at home…

But he was really excited about it and pointed at a popsicle in the cafe which turned out to be 90 cents. Really! Is anything under a dollar anymore? He ate every little bite and loved it and was so happy about it.

So, I guess it’s good to spend 90 cents for fun. Now let’s hope he stays asleep until camp pick up…


4 thoughts on “Ninety cents of fun (and 2 hours of naptime)

  1. That is cool that they have a members only day! Our zoo opens an hour earlier for members and we make sure to get there at opening time to enjoy a quiet hour before too many people arrive. But an entire day would be wonderful! And a $0.90 popsicle? Never would have guessed a place would price something below $1! We stopped at a donut place recently and I was surprised to see that donuts were $1.50. I am so used to the inflated prices at Starbucks.

    Hope Henry napped well for you. Our toddler is a horrible napper. He napped for 45 minutes on Saturday which is just NOT enough of a break from the constant surveillance.

    1. @Lisa – my guess is that it was a dollar, but it was members day, and members get 10% off in the cafe and so 90 cents it was…

  2. I’m very frugal (to a huge fault), so I find it such a “win” when we find something that delights that is also on the cheap. A $0.90 Popsicle would definitely fit the proverbial bill.

  3. You know what? I have been wondering for AGES what your snacks and food while out on adventures policy is. Mostly when you describe your weekends and I think, “but what about all the time spent packing snacks and lunch for all those kids?” Seriously, I only have three, but packing enough food for all of us for day feels like it takes forever. I’ve heard you talk about paying for school lunches, but I wondered if you just always bought food when out with your family.

    If you have tips for how to pack and bring food easily for a large adventure for a large family, I’d love to hear them!

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