Best of Both Worlds podcast: Ask Me Anything (in Philly!)

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Sarah and I got together in person in Philadelphia. We recorded this “ask me anything” episode in my home office, with only one interruption from a 2-year-old who escaped from my husband.

We answer questions collected (mostly) from my Instagram followers, and we cover dream trips, podcast income, nanny driving logistics, and more. Please give it a listen!

In the meantime our next Patreon online meet-up will be this Friday, July 22nd at noon, eastern. We’ll be talking some financial topics. If you’d like to join us, just join before then!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Ask Me Anything (in Philly!)

  1. Curious why before breakfast made much more than best of both worlds podcast? Where before breakfast was ~1/3 of Laura’s income vs. a small percentage from best of both worlds, if I heard correctly.

    1. @song – Before Breakfast is done through a major podcast channel (iHeartMedia) and hence has a lot more downloads (over a million per month). They have the ability to push a show to a much wider audience through their advertising and the like. So it takes in more advertising revenue, and hence earns me more than Best of Both Worlds does.

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