Sign up for the 2022 time-tracking challenge!

Yes, this is a second post in one day…but I’m directing traffic over here from social media so want to give people an easy spot.

Ever wondered where the time really goes? How about finding out? You can sign up for my free 2022 time-tracking challenge here!

Here’s how it works: Starting on Sunday January 9th, I’ll send you a series of emails guiding you through the process. You start tracking time on Monday, January 10th, at 5:00 a.m. (You do not have to be awake then! I hope I won’t be….)

Write down what you’re doing, checking in 3-4 times a day or so. It’s fine to approximate. I don’t track how many times I go to the bathroom or grab a drink of water. If I’m hanging out with the kids, I’ll just write “kids” rather than trying to describe the mess of playing with toys, cleaning up someone’s spill, changing a diaper, etc. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You just want to get a reasonable picture of where the time goes.

Then you keep going for 168 hours — until Monday January 17th at 4:30 a.m. (It’s fine to declare yourself “done” on Sunday night when you go to bed if you want). I’m hoping to recruit a few folks for time-makeovers for the blog, so if you are interested in that, please be sure to participate.

It should be fun. I know that over 3000 people are signed up so far…hopefully a few more will join us! When we know where the time goes, we can make wise choices based on reality, rather than stories. I promise it will be helpful. So why not give it a shot? I’ll also be posting my time logs here next week! There is going to be a lot of unpacking….

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