Night one at the new house

I’m writing this from my old desk in my old house. It turns out that the movers want someone here through the packing and loading process to say where everything goes and answer questions. It makes sense, so I am working here, on and off.

We officially moved ourselves yesterday, though. We ate a Grubhub delivered dinner on the floor of the new kitchen because we don’t have any chairs. Or a table. We slept on air mattresses on the floor because we won’t have beds for a few days. It was not the easiest night. The toddler really fussed about sleeping in the portable crib, and was up until 11 or so. There are random beeps from various things. Nothing is where it is supposed to be so I kept tromping up and down the stairs. Some of the kids were wigged out by the new space, and some of the air mattresses were less than fully comfortable (I did OK, but I was also really tired). Also, the van battery died last night so we had to use the jumper cables, which added a note of whimsy (ha) to a tough evening. I would really like to replace the van but it seems there are no cars to be had…same problem affecting our oven, fridge, etc…

I know the first night anywhere is hard. I have a vague memory of our first night in the old house some 10.5 years ago. Everyone was freaked out by new noises and such. We will get used to things and when all our new stuff is there things will slowly come together. Already some of the kids’ new furniture is in and it’s really cute. And the 12-year-old has really liked having his own room. He’s already assembled the (indoor, foam) hatchet toss set he got for Christmas in there.

So, patience…And wow, there is nothing like seeing all your stuff come out of the cabinets to remind you how fast stuff can accumulate…Everything will find its way to a new home eventually.

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  1. Oh, can I make a recommendation? We have this portable jumper thing – it’s the size of an old fashioned cellphone, you know the ones that came in the bag in the early 90s – and you don’t need another car.

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