Baby’s first 168 hours

My little guy celebrated his 1-week birthday at 5 a.m. this morning. I was up to observe the occasion, though he was not. He had not eaten particularly well at his 3:30 a.m. feeding, which resulted in such engorgement that I celebrated with my pump.

That feeding aside, he is doing incredibly well. I have thought, a great many times this week, that based on all my past babies I should still be pregnant right now, and would be so for another week or two! It is strange to think that a week ago my experience of this child was kicks to the ribs. Now I’m getting to know the intense little boy who was contained in my round belly. He becomes more alert all the time. When we went to the pediatrician on Thursday for another weight check, he was back past his hospital discharge weight. I’m pretty sure he’s gone up a lot since then as I can see his little face filling out. He is really taking in the world, studying such sounds as the vacuum cleaner and the wind chimes.

It’s not been an easy week, of course. I haven’t slept much. My own recovery seems slow. I imagine that’s partly my “advanced maternal age” and (possibly moreso) the nasty cold I contracted in the hospital. But I’m trying to soak in this sweet little guy’s face, and this time that I know is passing quickly. I am managing to feel nostalgic for now, even as I am in it! I’m trying to write down all my memories of this holiday break. I’m grateful for my time logs, which are helping to cement memories I know will fade. I am trying to step outside the bustle for a minute to see and savor this time.

Because of course, life continues. The mundane: adding money to my eldest’s lunch account. Signing kids up for camp (to get the early bird discount, naturally. I have now created our 2020 Summer Camp spreadsheet). My husband has been dealing with the older kids, mostly. Today he took all four of them skiing, which has made the house mercifully quiet, but was also chaotic as we got four children into their long underwear and snow pants and made sure that they left with four sets of gloves, helmets, etc.

And then there was yesterday’s adventure. Longtime readers know I was concerned about kid #5 potentially sharing a birthday with kid #4 (in mid-January). Thanks to the early arrival, their birthdays are now actually farther apart than kid #2 and kid #3, so while it will be birthday season, they won’t be aiming for the same weekend for parties. But anyway — in early December, I had spent a reasonable amount of time trying to figure out when to do my soon-to-be 5-year-old’s birthday party. I elected to schedule that for this past Saturday, figuring that would be before the baby’s arrival. Then it wasn’t. So the seven of us, my mother-in-law, and our new Saturday sitter headed over to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. We had enough adults that the baby could stay in the van with supervision, and thus avoid the unique microbial environment of everyone’s favorite kid casino. My preschooler had a great time celebrating with his friends and…I survived.

I’m sure the next 168 hours will bring more changes. In the meantime, I’m glad the little guy gave me a chance to type up these memories while he’s asleep on my lap!

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8 thoughts on “Baby’s first 168 hours

  1. Congratulations on little Cinco! (I call babies by their number if I don’t know their names.) My mother-in-law has 7, including one born on Dec 29. She came to my “moms group” one day, we talked about family size, and someone was concerned about having time if she had another baby and asked how MIL felt about it. MIL replied, “I figured that one baby took all my time, so how much worse could seven be?” Enjoy them all, including the chaos when those older four get home with 3 pairs of mismatched gloves, 5 hats, and wet gear. It’ll feel so good when they are all in bed. That reminds me, MIL also said that her favorite time of day, favorite nursing time, with each child, was that 5 am feeding, before anyone else was up. It was just her and baby, their own private time. She’d watch the sun come up, and listen for the neighborhood and household start to stir. Meanwhile, just her and baby, fully each other’s.

    1. @Barb – I love that. One kid takes all your time, so how could 7 be different? It is nice to have quiet time with my baby – I appreciated that yesterday. Soon I know he’ll be as active as the rest of them…

  2. Laura, congrats! I am so impressed you continue to blog and really appreciate it as a reader.
    Where do you go skiiing? I am not too familiar with Pennsylvania’s geography…

    1. @Maggie – the Pocano mountain range goes through eastern PA. It’s not the Rockies or the Alps but it’s something. There are probably at least half a dozen smaller ski resorts within 2 hours of the Philly suburbs.

  3. So happy for you Laura! And glad you’re finding time to savour the moments amidst all the bustle. I realise how long I must have been reading your thoughts for with a 5th birthday party for Alex, wow! And this morning you made me snort out loud laughing with “the unique microbial environment of everyone’s favourite kid casino”! Writing like that, sleep deprived, one week after giving birth, makes you the Queen of Blogging in my opinion! Enjoy your lovely new little man.

  4. Many congratulations to the whole family, and especially mum! My firstborn seems to have seen the light around the same time – 28 December, though he was 2 weeks late! – and I hadn’t heard your news until now. I have been thinking a lot about how you say that the biggest adjustment is going from 0 children to 1. It has certainly been an adjustment but he has made life much more meaningful and happy. 🙂

    1. @Meri – congratulations to you as well! Kids are great – wishing you much happiness with your little one.

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