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Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

In every episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah and I share a “love of the week.” This is a product/app/concept/etc. that is making our lives better at the moment. We ask all our guests to share an idea too! This week, we decided to do an all-loves-of-the-week episode. We’re sharing things that we’re really into, that you might want to check out as well. From Sarah’s new skincare products, to TSA pre-check*, to Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, to the Seek app (is that poison ivy??) and the Talula’s Daily Secret Supper Club tasting menu, we are listing all the wonderful things that you might want to have in your life too!

Then in the Q&A section, we address a listener’s question about whether her husband should “lean out” from his career so she can “lean in.” I’d like to think we give the same advice that we would give a couple where the genders were flipped. If he wants to, that’s totally cool. He also doesn’t have to; there’s no rule that says there can only be one big job per family.

Please give the episode a listen, and then share it with a friend, or rate/review us over at Apple podcasts! We’d love to grow our audience because our listeners are always one of our favorite things!

(Side note: this episode was recorded this fall as we built up our bank of episodes ahead of my baby’s arrival. We’ll have a birth story podcast posted by late January, so stay tuned for that.)

* Please, please go enroll if you ever fly in the United States and have not done so; do Global Entry if you’re a frequent international flyer as it includes pre-check. I hate the thought of anyone who listens to this podcast or reads this blog standing in a pointless 90-minute security line.

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  1. My husband just left a job at a Big 4 accounting firm. He was on a new client that was short-staffed and so has been working “busy” season hours since August (after having an extra long busy season last year Jan-May). When he was offered a job at an electric utility for 20% more, I made a joke about his hourly rate doubling since they had said in the interview that they work straight 40s all the time. So, because he is an auditor, he ran the numbers and his hourly rate did in fact nearly double. Hourly rate is not a metric salaried employees think about much, but it can be enlightening to look at.

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