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My kid’s other mom

Some children have an imaginary friend. My 5-year-old has an imaginary mom. He calls her “My other mom,” and regales us with all sorts of tales about her life. And she has quite a life! While I sometimes think I’m doing OK in my attempts to have it all, I have nothing on this woman: She works for McKinsey, the management consulting firm She has 18 children. C… read more »

Doing downtime right

One of the realities of having small children is that one’s true downtime is fairly limited. It gets better fairly soon -- my 5-year-old and 3-year-old would watch TV for hours if allowed -- but up until somewhere between about ages 2.25-2.5, if the baby’s awake and in your care, you’re on. Since that downtime is limited, it’s precious. So on weekends… read more »

Generations and weekend mornings

A few non-related thoughts on what is, here in southeastern PA, a snowy morning. It's a thin snow, not fluffy enough for a snowman. The flakes look much like glaze on a chocolate doughnut on the damp branches out my window. Over at, I have an article called "Grumbling over younger workers: A time-honored tradition." I love old magazines because th… read more »

So you want to run a home-based business…

I’m speaking in a few months to a group of women who are in the early stages of starting home-based businesses. Having been self-employed for years, I am a huge fan of the micro-business revolution, and of course, I’m familiar with the evidence that an hour spent commuting will probably be the most miserable hour of your day. So yay, working at home. But in o… read more »

Does the Super Bowl fumble your Monday morning?

The weekend after next brings the Super Bowl, that annual festival of traditions including overpriced commercials, 7-layer dip and a curious one for we business writers: statistics on how much productivity is “lost” due to the game. I’ve seen different ones bandied about. Employers lose $820 or $850 million due to game chit chat (both stats are out t… read more »