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Ramona and the Middle Class Squeeze

My essay on the Ramona Quimby books (and new movie starring Selena Gomez) ran in today's Wall Street Journal. The movie, Ramona and Beezus, is very sweet. But in sweetening up the tale for modern viewers, I think the film's creators missed one of Beverly Cleary's major selling points: her complete lack of sentimentality as she portrayed the Quimbys economic… read more »

168 Hours on TotalPicture Radio

Last week, Peter Clayton of TotalPicture Radio recorded a podcast with me about 168 Hours. You can download the 19 minute file here.  This interview was particularly aimed at people who are currently in a career transition.  If you have been working full-time, and suddenly you're not, how do you structure your hours so you don't go crazy? It's a situation I… read more »

Conference bound? Here’s what you can skip

The blogosphere is full of productivity tips. Some are ridiculous, and some are good. One of the best ideas I've come across? Do not take conference swag. Ever. Stick with me here. I realize that perusing the exhibitors' halls at conferences is like the adult version of an Easter egg hunt. And we all loved those. But I think this tip has a simple brilliance to it.… read more »

Turn the job you have into the job you want

Yesterday, I kept wondering why the date July 26 was sticking out in my mind. It seemed monumental to me in some fashion, and by the end of the day, I finally remembered: my first column for USA Today ran on July 26, 2001. That summer nine years ago was challenging in many ways. I'd just graduated from college, and moved to Washington DC to start an internship at the… read more »

Time: The Case Against Summer Vacation?

(cross-posted at Gifted Exchange) This week's Time magazine cover story deals with a thorny issue: summer vacation. Why is it thorny? Because most of us romanticize it, and yet it does serious academic damage to people who can least afford it. We all have grand summer memories. Certainly by middle school, this was my favorite time of year, a nearly 3-month br… read more »