Woman’s Day, plus reading tonight

WomansDay.com quotes me in an article called “How to Break Time-Sapping Habits.” I definitely like the one about not grocery shopping on Saturday! But better yet, don’t grocery shop at all. Order groceries online, and use the auto-fill feature for your shopping cart, if your delivery service has one.

I’m also reading at the Bruckner Bar & Grill in the Bronx tonight, as part of the “Inner-Vibrations” reading series. You can find more details at the Facebook page for the series.

One thought on “Woman’s Day, plus reading tonight

  1. That article is awesome! I love the one about grocery-shopping too, because my mother, who’s retired and can go to the grocery store any time, insists on always going on Saturdays when it’s most crowded and takes longest, because she believes the stores won’t be well-stocked on other days of the week. Maybe this explanation of how it really works will inspire her to branch out to Wednesdays, since she’s also an avid coupon-clipper…

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