The lunch time book club

I always like hearing about ways people fit leisure or self-development time into their busy days. When it involves 168 Hours, all the better! Apparently, a number of organizations have lunch-time book clubs where co-workers gather to talk about a certain tome. Not only is this more convenient for working parents (night time book clubs can be hard to pull off if it involves a sitter or trading nights with your spouse), it gives people a chance to be reflective during what can otherwise be lost time.

Anyway, I’ve been asked if I’m willing to call in for a book discussion if a book club is reading 168 Hours, and the answer is “Yes!” I love to talk about how people spend their time, and am happy to answer questions.  Shoot me an email to discuss more details.

One thought on “The lunch time book club

  1. What an excellent tip! Lunch time book discussions sounds like a great way, especially for those who have their schedules packed to the max or who have children, to spend some time talking about certain books and to bounce ideas and thoughts off one another.

    I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing!

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