Baseball and time (and beer gardens and peaches)

Last summer one of my older boys had brought up going to a Phillies game as a possible fun activity. It didn’t wind up happening (alas, given how good a year they had!) but we did go to the game against the Royals this past Sunday.

This was my first time going to a baseball game since the new pitch clock rules (see here for an explanation). The main result is that the games move along a lot faster. Baseball still isn’t quick. Yesterday’s game went from about 1:35 p.m. to 4:05 p.m. with 8.5 innings. But the game didn’t feel as plodding as I remember some being in the past where you’re like, wait, is it still only the 4th inning?

I know some purists like the slow form version of baseball — it takes as long as it takes — but all the action is still there. It’s just the waiting between batters and pitches that’s been reduced. Given that I am always trying to figure out quick transitions, I’m a fan. We had great seats right behind third base, and despite it being boiling hot at the beginning (we wound up in the shade around 3:15 p.m. with how the sun was moving) I had a really good time. Well, except for waiting in the parking lot for about 45 minutes to get out. With short games you don’t really want to leave early, but then there’s no pitch clock on traffic…

I hadn’t put “go to a baseball game” on my Summer Fun List, though I have in the past. This weekend I did cross off another item, and attempted another. On Friday we all went to Longwood Gardens for a fountain show featuring songs from animated movies. We ate dinner in the beer garden before the show, so “go to a beer garden” is now officially on the “done” side of the ledger. It was a beautiful night, and I love sitting on outdoor tables under cafe lights.

Then on Saturday, my 13-year-old and I attempted to go peach picking. I’d gotten an advertisement for a “peach jubilee” celebration at a farm where we’ve gone fruit picking in the past. But then when we got there, the jubilee was happening at their farm stand, not the orchard, and so there wasn’t any picking going on. Oh well. We got peach slushies, bought lots of peaches, tomatoes, bread, and cider and headed home. He was a good sport about it! I picked him up at camp on Friday and experienced the proud mom moment at his parent-teacher conference (it was an academic camp) of the teacher saying he was very kind and respectful and able to work with anyone. So that was nice! I think he is very happy not to be eating dorm food anymore…

3 thoughts on “Baseball and time (and beer gardens and peaches)

  1. I went to a major league game this summer, and it was also my first time since the pitch clock. My husband had to explain it to me. While it does make the game go faster, I found myself a little distracted by it. I kept thinking that the pitcher was going to run out of time.😊

  2. I love the pitch clock so much. I watch probably 200 hours of youth baseball every year (and I know not to exaggerate hour counts 🙂 so the 6 hour mlb games used to just drag. My husband and I went to an Astros game last week (first mlb game without kids in at least 15 years) and it was so nice. Score was high. Game moved quick. So much better.

  3. My husband and I are also fans of the pitch clock- same amount of baseball, just in a much more efficient manner! We don’t need to waste time watching players adjust their gloves or taking more practice swings 🙂
    Glad you got to a game- the Phillies are actually the only team that my husband has not seen play live!

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