Best of Both Worlds podcast: Feeling done — bringing closure to your work day (or not)

In some sorts of work, the end of the work day is clear. When Sarah has her clinical days, if she has seen all her patients and finished her notes, then she is done. She then commutes home, a transition that makes the dividing line even more clear.

Many other sorts of work are not like that. There is always something else you could be doing and especially as more people work from home, there are fewer dividing lines between working and not working.

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds we explore this topic. Some people want a stricter sense of separation between working and not-working, and we talk about how to create that, even if the work you could be doing on any given day is nebulous. However, we also talk about making peace with not being “done” and how there is nothing inherently terrible about working at night or on weekends. Especially for those of us who often don’t work uninterrupted from 9 to 5 because of family reasons, working outside traditional work hours makes a higher volume of hours possible.

In the Q&A we talk about swim lessons — when they’re worth it, and how to approach them. Please give the episode a listen!

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