2023 Time Tracking Challenge, Day 2: Mid-morning check in

Welcome to Day 2 of the Time Tracking Challenge! Now that you’ve got one day of time-tracking under your belt you’re no doubt figuring out how to record various activities as words. It’s fine to approximate. My logs contain plenty of “kids, etc.” time!

After hitting publish last night I attempted to go do Legos with my daughter. But then the 3-year-old decided he wanted to see me to get his diaper changed (he was watching a movie with Daddy). Despite the late nap, he was definitely getting sleepy, so I got him in his PJs, we got his “baba milk,” read a few stories (Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and Little Blue Truck’s Christmas, among others) and then I put him in his crib. I sat in the rocking chair scrolling while he fell asleep, and I was out of the room by 9 p.m.

At that point I went to resume my daughter’s Lego project (we’re building the Art School from Lego Friends). We finished a bag and then I went to my 7-year-old’s room to work on his Minecraft Lego set. He’s not normally been as in to Legos, but he got two sets for Christmas, and he seems to have developed the patience to actually follow the instructions. I played with him until 9:40 p.m., at which point I felt like I really needed to get my contacts out. As I left, my 7-year-old asked if he could keep working on the Legos. Sure, go for it kid! After removing my contacts, I went downstairs to do my puzzle (of Shakespearean insults) for 20 minutes. When I came up to turn everyone’s lights out at 10, the 7-year-old had finished his set!

With all the kids down for the night, I attempted to watch the college football national championship game with my husband for a few minutes, but I wasn’t that into it (also, he’d taped it and was just fast forwarding to the major plays). I went upstairs and read Otherlands (I’m in the Jurassic Europe section…). My husband came up around 10:40 and we hung out for a while and I went to sleep right around my 11 p.m. bedtime. Success!

With getting into bed on time I was definitely drifting awake between 6-6:30 a.m.; I remember being conscious of sleep. My alarm went off 6:30 a.m. and I got up to go make sure the boys were up. The next 30 minutes did not go particularly well. My husband’s alarm went off but he did not seem to be getting up. He needs to be out the door with them at 7 a.m. on jazz band mornings to get the 15-year-old to high school and the 13-year-old to practice at the middle school at 7:20 a.m. He finally was in the bathroom at 6:49 at which point I suggested that he did not have time to shower during this window, and he was not particularly happy with me. I went downstairs to make my coffee but then got a vague sense that all the lights were still off and normally the 13-year-old has been down getting breakfast by that point. I went back upstairs and sure enough, he’d turned over and gone back to sleep. So he was roused a second time, and I threw together something for the boys to eat, and tracked down the 15-year-old who told me he still needed to wet down his hair…and everyone was mad at me which just made me even more incensed. I could have slept later if I wasn’t trying to keep the trains running. Anyway, they left at 7, as I was upstairs waking the 11-year-old.

I made her eggs and made the 7-year-old’s lunch. My husband returned at 7:30, at which point I drove my daughter down to the bus stop. When I returned, I could hear the 3-year-old yelling for me from his crib (I assume my husband was taking his delayed shower and didn’t hear him). The little guy was feeling much, much better (no coughing!) but he was also in a bit of a mood and just wanted to snuggle. So we proceeded to spend much of the next 20 minutes sitting on the floor together. Our nanny came at 8, but I was helping with the kids so I didn’t get to my office until 8:40 when she, the 7-year-old, and the 3-year-old all left.

At this point, having been up for 2+ intense hours, I breathed a sigh of relief, turned on my gas fireplace, and started reading Jane Austen. I wrote my 2 lines in my sonnet, then worked on various projects (interspersed with various logistical matters/texts involving our generator and trying to get Eagles tickets). It is now 10:40 and I will likely to continue to work on the various projects until lunch in an hour. I’ll aim to check back in later tonight with my log from the rest of the day. Hope your morning went well!

10 thoughts on “2023 Time Tracking Challenge, Day 2: Mid-morning check in

  1. I love when you share logs because it’s reassuring to know that even someone who studies time has some haphazard mornings! I can identify with the sigh of relief when everyone’s out…

    1. Yes to this comment! I love the details and it really does help me feel…”normal.” As someone who loves to plan and thrives on structure, it’s easy to get discouraged when – daily – things do go the way I had planned. But I’m learning that is just life (especially with youngish kids in the house). It’s an extra boost of confidence to see the breakdown of other people’s days.

  2. I’m on the couch and refusing to move after kiddo and I spent 9-5 out and about. He woke up early, decided to come snooze with me, and then we had breakfast and did his reading practice. The schools are closed for a strike, so we had grand plans to take the bus into the city and go to the science centre. Got off the bus, google mapped walking instructions as I couldn’t figure out how to get through the railway line, and realised they were closed. Kiddo said “I feel like my world is falling to pieces…” We went to a cafe and regrouped and ended up having a fantastic day – we stopped in at his old nursery and it was like a celebrity visit, everyone was thrilled to see him, went to the camera obscura (illusions and mirror mazes), sushi lunch, and Lego and bookstore to spend our respective Christmas gift cards. Then the bus back home, where he had a nap. We walked 6 miles in total. luckily we have leftovers for dinner, so just roll on bedtime.

      1. Yes, it’s normalish for me but on little 5 year old legs,,, he is used to cycling everywhere (3-4 miles a day) and finds walking annoyingly slow. “We’ve gotten all our steps today, mummy!”

  3. Hi Laura!

    I’ve watched this time tracking week a few years in a row and am excited to be participating this year. I recruited some friends to join as well!

    I love your in-depth paragraph recaps of these time tracking days, and I was wondering if you could also show how you record this on a spreadsheet? I’m curious about the level of granularity you put in there. On your spreadsheet from this morning, would you just have 6:30-8:40am: child wrangling? Ha.


    1. @Heather – it was:

      6 (in and out)
      6:30 up, boys, shower, warpath…
      7 R eggs, eat, lunches, van
      7:30 H up, snuggle w/H, etc.
      8: K, boys, H play-doh, dress
      8:30 they go, work/rituals

      So yep, a little different from the narrative, but I know what it was looking at it, at least for now…

  4. This is the most mom entry I’ve ever seen,. I love it. I know you try to be real about parenthood, but you also sound so put together. It’s helpful to remember that even the best systems won’t keep the chaos from coming sometimes. I’m glad you still got in the things you value !

    Also lol at everyone always being mad at mom…

  5. The description of the morning while not necessarily fun for you is a quite fun to read and imagine with all the comings and goings!

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