TBT In Real Life: Elisa Ung

Longtime readers may recall that this past summer I decided to make a series of videos about how the Tranquility by Tuesday rules have changed real people’s lives.

I am so excited to present the first video in the series! Elisa Ung is a book collaborator and mother of two. In this video, she talks about how Rule #7: Take one night for you, was instrumental in helping her feel like life was more than work and family needs.

You can watch the video here (on YouTube).

Many of Elisa’s clients are cookbook authors, and we had a great time filming at Tsion Cafe in Harlem, where Chef Beejhy produces some excellent Ethiopian Jewish cuisine! If you are in New York City, definitely check it out!

And if you like the TBT In Real Life video, please share it. I’d love to give these videos as wide an audience as possible. I’ll be releasing the next three over the next three weeks.

Photo: A scene from filming Elisa’s video

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