Weekend: Cinnamon rolls and the missing egg

Rain is coming down in buckets right now. I’m glad the storm held off until Monday, though, as rainy weekends feel particularly rough when we can’t go anywhere and the kids don’t have the distraction of school work.

Easter weekend went pretty well. We did three family walks (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The kids whine about being dragged out to the trails, but they’re reasonably happy once they’re there. My husband and I just alternate carrying the baby. I figure in a month or two he can start going in the back pack we’ve used for all the kids.

My daughter and I made home-made cinnamon rolls for Easter morning. The recipe we used was simple: no proofing dough and the like. We just rolled it out, put the filling in, made the rolls and then baked in the morning. They were really good, especially with cream cheese frosting!

The kids dyed 32 hardboiled eggs. The Easter bunny hid these eggs and we found…31. I have no idea what happened. There is nothing in the usual spots where the bunny hid eggs in past years. I am really hoping the error occurred in the counting process. Otherwise, I guess we’ll figure out where the missing egg is when it starts to smell.

My parents and brothers and I did a family Zoom Easter get-together on Sunday. A virtual get-together meant no access to my sister-in-law’s rolls, but it was nice to see each others’ faces at the same time.

My choir sang the Hallelujah Chorus virtually for Sunday morning. We each recorded our voice parts separately, and our director pieced them together. You can listen to it here. (starts around the 5:20 mark after the brass and the welcome). Our professional singers are pictured singing their parts (recorded back in mid-March, at a six foot distance), which we all then recorded ourselves matching. My family makes an appearance in the virtual call to worship during the Palm Sunday service, right after the first hymn, at about the 3:00 mark (with the 5-year-old diving into the picture at the end).

The baby is sleeping through the night most nights. Not all nights, but most. This is good. But sadly for the pursuit of equally shared parenting he has decided to start rejecting the bottle. It makes sense because I haven’t been away from him for more than about 90 minutes in a month so bottles have not been necessary. But at least theoretically I might like to be gone from home for more than two hours in the next, oh, six months. So we shall see who wins this battle of wills.

In other news: While looking at the preview of this post, I looked at the related previous posts that my site pulls up. Turns out we’ve had eggs go missing in the past too. Hmmm….

10 thoughts on “Weekend: Cinnamon rolls and the missing egg

  1. Our neighbor discovered a squirrel trying to destroy/eat/steal the hidden eggs, so perhaps that is the culprit here too!

  2. We use the plastic eggs for exactly this reason! One was still hidden for several months one year – I think we found it in the roaster when we took it out to cook turkey for Thanksgiving! 🙂

  3. Clicking on that link was a little jolt to my soul – my father was the organist/choir director at BMP in the 1970s and then interim organist again in the early 90s. I was born on a Sunday morning, and listening to people tell the tale of being musically rushed through the service that morning (the organ cut off the sermon, and all hymns were only two verses long) was something I had forgotten about until I clicked. Thank you! And beautifully done, but here’s hoping next year’s performance is different.

  4. Ah bottle refusing babies- I had one and unfortunately he won that battle. But on the plus side, you aren’t very far from solids, and also not far from learning to use a cup. My boobie baby learned to drink from a straw cup around 5 months and we used that + baby cereal made with lots of EBM + other solids when I wasn’t available for a feed. He just made up for it later 🙂

    1. @Megan – I hadn’t considered that a straw might be an option soon. We may try that at 5-6 months. And I currently have no plans to go anywhere before that…

      1. My son never learned to drink from a hard spout cup (?!) he just couldn’t coordinate it for some reason. But straws worked great- I chose a cup with quite a short straw and sucked the liquid up myself first before offering it to bub- so he only had to suck a tiny bit to get the ‘reward’ and soon worked it out

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