Best of Both Worlds podcast: What to wear (well, someday)

Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

Need a break from pandemic news? Today’s episode of Best of Both Worlds is all that!

Sarah and I welcomed Lani Inlander, a DC-based stylist and owner of Real Life Style, to the show. She shared her wardrobe recommendations for working women, including the best black pants, shoes you can walk in, and why you need a signature power color. She’s also got jeans recommendations for people working from home.

(Check out her blog for a list of recommendations: Shoes you can walk in, work totes,   a power color, pants, and comfortable blazers).

While you can’t have Lani or her stylists come to your house right now (what with social distancing and all) she can still do virtual wardrobe consultations. If you’ve been going Marie Kondo on your closet during quarantine, it might be fun to get a pro’s help to fill it back up!

10 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: What to wear (well, someday)

  1. Sadly, none of those shoes work for my feet. Glad I get to wear sneakers in the OR most days. But… yay theory!

    1. @Omdg – theory pants are excellent! I was interested to learn that I actually own two of the recommended pants (Theory, plus the MM Lafleur Foster pant). I don’t know why I felt there might be some mysterious font of black pants I was unaware of, but I guess not.

  2. I listened to this on a long walk this morning and LOVED IT! I ended up listening to it again when I got home so I could take notes. I then spent approximately 30 minutes browsing her blog and some shopping sites. This was really helpful!

  3. I loved this rather superficial episode. With all the corona gloom and doom now it’s nice to just think a bit about outfits.

  4. I also enjoyed this episode, even though I am currently living in sweatpants/sweatshirts/workout clothes these days! But someday I will leave the house and see people again. A friend of mine worked with a stylist here in Minneapolis and I got to go along on her shopping trip. She gave me a bunch of cash, so I would handle the check-out so they could move onto the next store. It really is very much a power shopping trip with no wasted time! But I loved coming along and picking up some tips of my own. I think that is something I’d like to invest in when we are done having children (hoping to have one more). My body will just fluctuate way too much until then so I want to wait until I’m at a long-term/sustainable weight and then really overhaul my closet. The cost is a bit intimidating for a frugal person like me, but I think I’d take more of a capsule wardrobe approach and have fewer items, but more things that go together that would result in enough different outfits.

    1. @Lisa – the good thing about having always worked from home is that my jeans and fleece game is on.

  5. A small tip for women who are still pumping at work: you don’t have to be limited to the clothes in the nursing section! I use a neutral pull-down nursing top that I can wear under more professional-looking blouses. And when it’s time to pump, I pull up my blouse, but still feel covered and secure thanks to the nursing top. That makes the accidental walk-ins at least a little less awkward 😉

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