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fullsizerender-6Last night I watched the Texas A&M game for a bit, then put the 4-year-old and 6-year-old to bed. This involved quite a bit of reading (the Caldecott winner “Locomotive” turns out to be…long). So I made it back down to watch the game again at 10:15, at which point I was kind of shot. I made it into bed around 10:45 after some light, fluffy reading. Here’s how today, this last day of the 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge, went:

5:15 – up with baby. Waited, but husband did not get up (I feel it was his day). I went and got him, rocked him, and lay down with him for a while. Then we tried a ba-ba. He snuggled with me while drinking the ba-ba (bottle) but no victory.

6:00 – woke up husband – his turn.

6-7:30 – took a bit to go back down, probably slept 6:30-7:30.

7:30 – 8:45 up, made breakfast, hung out with kids.

8:45- 9- showered, dressed.

9-9:20- got half the kids out the door with my husband to go to YMCA swim lessons and gymnastics.

9:20-9:40 – got other half ready for church.

9:40-11:40 – to church, service with 9-year-old sitting next to me, hung out a bit after, played on playground, home.

11:40- noon – fed baby lunch, started mine but he seemed tired.

noon- 12:15 – put baby down for nap

12:15-12:30 – others home, showered off 6-year-old, lunch.

12:30-12:50 – rest

12:50-2 – went shoe shopping during the baby’s nap while my husband rested and watched the big kids. I went to Suburban Square, intending to go to the Aerosoles location there, only to find it was closed! I though this was going to be a giant waste of time, but to salvage the expedition I wandered to the Clark’s in the same mall and found a gorgeous pair of leather black boots, and some shiny silvery wedges. Both are extremely comfortable for walking. Score! Then to Ann Taylor and bought a dress and a sweater. Went home to show off purchases. Husband thought the dress was too conservative. He preferred this green lace number from Nordstrom Trunk, which would be a functional dress, should I never need to bend over. Hmm.

2-2:30 – we all played, including all six of us playing in bed under the covers. Fun!

2:30- 3 – hangout, got some kids ready for the pool.

3-3:40 – pool with 9-year-old and baby and husband.

3:40-4 – bathed baby. Other kids (9yo, 4yo) had showers yesterday.

4-4:30 – got big boys into car with husband for Cub Scout event. I got little kids ready.

4:30-6:20 – to church for a barbecue for families with kids under age 3. Much playground playing. One of my daughter’s best friends was there, so that was a win.

6:20-6:45 – picked up boys at Cub Scout event while my husband went to get my parents at the train station. They flew in yesterday to visit my brother in NYC, and came out here tonight. Home.

6:45-7:15 – hung out with kids, wrote first half of this.

7:15-8 – parents arrived, chatted with them, discussed logistics for next week.

8-8:15 – put baby to bed. He went down pretty quickly, though he did still fall asleep in front of the door, tonight lying on top of a stuffed shark and stuffed wolf.

8:15-8:45 – packed for the next week.

8:45-9 – kid snacks. Now going to get them down, with the usual reading. Then relax, take care of a few things that need to happen and get organized for tomorrow.

And that will be it for this 168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge!

4 thoughts on “Day 7 post

  1. Busy weekend! I, too, had a busy weekend and week, actually. I was impressed with myself that I tracked all week, however the weekend went by the wayside… This was an interesting challenge, and I’m going to do it again this coming week. I always feel like I don’t have time for things and at the same time that I’m wasting away my time. Tracking sure proved to me that I’m definitely NOT wasting time, I’m just really busy!! LOL
    Here’s to a new week! 🙂

  2. It’s been a while since I tracked an entire week, thank you for running the challenge! As I look back over my week, I’ve been trying to break things into categories so I can see trends of how I’m spending my time. Do you do something similar? I’d love to know what categories you use.

    1. @Sarah K – Thanks for doing it! I look at work, sleep, housework/errands, exercise, reading, TV. Sometimes time in car. Those tend to be the most obvious ones. Time with kids is often somewhat amorphous and hard to track.

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