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img_1574Fall sports are in their full glory this weekend, so we’re spending a lot of time on that. I didn’t do that much relaxing last night after I pressed publish on my post. The baby was still up so I went to cuddle him. Eventually he fell asleep in front of the door (as usual). I got the kids to bed with stories and such, and then I tried on a lot of items from my Nordstrom Trunk. Not a whole lot of successes, unfortunately. There were some beautiful pieces of clothing but they didn’t look right on me, which was frustrating. I have put on a few pounds I cannot seem to shake. My 9-year-old offered his opinions on the pieces — he was generally pretty positive. I finished around 10:15, hung out for a bit, read and went to sleep around 11.

Here’s how today went:

5:30 – drifted up on my own for some reason. I lay in bed and practiced my TED talk silently.

6- baby was up. He had gotten into the bathroom and was squeezing toothpaste out.

6-7:30 – mostly playing with the kids, feeding them, some TV.

7:30-8 – got ready and took 9-year-old to swim. Little guy came with me.

8-8:10 – played with rocks outside the swim practice.

8:10-8:35 – grocery shopping

8:35-8:45- drug store

8:45-9:10 – back to swim, played with rocks, got 9-year-old, home.

9:10-10:30 – mostly played at home with the little guy. I made some phone calls to add new nanny to our zoo and Please Touch Museum memberships. My husband came home with 6-year-old and 4-year-old. They’d just been at flag football practice.

10:30-11:30 – took 4-year-old to soccer at a nearby field. She played hard and prevented four goals. She scored one. The photo accompanying this post is of her soccer fashion choices. There was a dress and leggings under the jersey (plus hot pink soccer socks).

11:30 -11:40 – home, got on running clothes.

11:40-12:05 – ran on treadmill in basement while 4-year-old watched computer. (My husband took the boys shopping for a mouth guard and sundry other items). I did intervals — 4x 1 minute at 8.0 mph, 2x 1 minute at 8.5 mph, 1x 1 minute at 9.0 mph and 1x 20 seconds at 10.0 mph. That’s pretty much an all out sprint for me.

12:05- 12:25 – cooled off while recording first half of day for this. Sweated all over the computer – yuck.

12:25- 1 – everyone home, made and ate lunch.

1-1:25 – quick rest

1:25-1:55- into pool with 9-year-old and 4-year-old. Probably one of the last days we can do that! I put the heat on and it got a lot nicer the longer we were in there. When the temperatures dip into the 50s at night it cools the pool down fast, even if it does get up to 80 degrees during the day.

1:55-3:20 – shower, dress, hangout with older kids, read a little, order Minecraft party favors

3:20-3:45 – baby awake, play with all four kids downstairs

3:45-4 – get ready for party, make fruit salad.

4-4:45 – Babysitter arrives. I was waiting for husband to do various things he decided he needed to do before showering so we could go to a party for our daughter’s preschool. I decided to start working through my list of delayed responses to emails. Got through most of them.

4:45-7:50 – to parents’ party for the preschool. Some good conversations, to the point where I didn’t really eat.

7:50-8 – home

8 – 9 – currently watching the taped Texas A&M football game and eating chicken wings. We will do this for a while, get the big kids to bed and eventually make it to bed, too.



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  1. Not only did I also do my Trunk Club try-on yesterday (and I hadn’t ordered a box for several months) but I also had the feeling of “meh I feel fluffy and unattractive in everything!”. Sigh. Those few pounds really make a difference to me, my overall confidence, the enjoyment I get out of fashion, etc. I have been eating like $*(@# for the past several months though so I feel like I deserve my current fate! And I know what I need to do to turn things around . . .

      1. Yep, totally feel it! Total vanity lbs but . . .hey they matter to me! I feel like life is finally calming down for me after a lot of craziness so hopefully can improve my eating habits and they will go away!! At least it means I didn’t spend as much $$$ . . .

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