My morning routine (or lack thereof)

photo-370I have been reading a little newsletter called My Morning Routine. Every Wednesday, I get a description of someone else’s mornings: wake-up time, breakfasts, etc. I agreed to write up my morning routine for them. I dutifully answered the questions. I was proofreading my responses, and now have been sitting on my answers for several days. The reason?

I have no morning routine.

I really wish I did. I wrote a book about morning routines. I do admit in the book that there was an aspirational element to writing it. I very much admire people who start their days in a conscious manner, advancing them toward the lives they want. I know in the periods of my life when I have had morning routines, I have enjoyed them, and found them a great way to start the day.

But right now it is just not happening.

First of all, there is baby roulette. What time will he wake up? It’s anyone’s guess. I could be up at 5:15 for good, or I could be up at 1, 5, and then have the little dude sleep until 8:30 a.m., which means I’m passed out until 7:30 or later. I’m not sleeping with a baby monitor; I have no desire to hear every little noise. I am asleep in a room down the hall with my door closed. When he is up he is really up. I have a lot of dreams these days where some scene is happening and then there is the introduction of a crying baby plot twist and then… crap.

It is a phase. This too shall pass. I know that when my 3-year-old was about 2.5 years old, I started to feel a lot more control over my schedule. So I’ll be there again in 2 years. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out what elements of a morning routine I can make happen.

There are certain things I do every morning. For instance, I feed the baby. I shower. So there’s that. I drink my coffee with heavy cream, and it is amazing. I make myself a veggie omelet for breakfast.

The question is what else I can incorporate. One option, during the summer, is to go outside and drink my coffee on the porch. I did that this morning for a solid 45 minutes, sitting with the baby, checking my phone some, but also just looking at the trees and the sky. We have a flowering crepe myrtle that is in full bloom, and it is lovely to look at, though it is somewhat of a memento mori, as its twin died during the deep freeze this winter (woe betide landscapers who plant outside their USDA hardiness zone!) I could bring my journal and jot down a few things. Or just sit and ponder life. This can be done for any amount of time, since it is never clear how much time I will have, and is at least a quiet way to start the day before the other kids wake up. A morning routine need not be elaborate to still feel like a good routine.

What would you suggest I try to incorporate?

2 thoughts on “My morning routine (or lack thereof)

  1. Hi Laura, I really enjoyed reading a bunch of your 2010-2011 articles on 168 hours this afternoon. On morning routine, I suggest you incorporate some affirmations capturing something about where you are aiming for or something that you already have that you want to keep. One of mine is “I commit to opening myself up to receiving abundant amounts of support!” I have four kids too and so support is a great thing! And it is abundantly available. I hope this helps!

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