Trying to crawl

photo-371The good news is that the little dude slept through the night last night. Granted, it was to 5 a.m., but that is an improvement over the 3:30 a.m. wake-up he’s done for the past two weeks. And he slept after the 5 a.m. feeding until 8, so I got some more sleep too.

The bad news is that he’s mobile. He’s quite strong, and will sometimes shove himself up into a complete push-up position on his hands and feet. Other times, it’s just up onto his hands and knees, and then he scoots around. In theory, I suppose, achieving this milestone is a good thing, but not this early, and not when we’ve still got Lego stuff and coins and who knows what else all over the floor. I feel like the mobility milestone often comes out of the blue. I remember leaving my oldest child sitting on the floor of our old apartment, and then I came back to find he had maneuvered himself into the entryway, and was happily licking his stroller tires.

(This is why we have immune systems.)

Which kid milestone do you find to be…oh…a mixed blessing?

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