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photo-356This has been another full week of book promotion activities. I recorded 22 radio segments on Tuesday (and hosted the webinar for book club members — thanks to all who dialed in! Hopefully the recording showed up in your inbox too). On Thursday I was back in NYC recording a satellite TV interview with BNN in Canada, and speaking at an event sponsored by Lady Drinks and Driven Professionals. It was a great group; Joya Dass interviewed me and I got to meet many wonderful people in person, such as coach Cara Power, Fox News producer Paula Rizzo (author of Listful Thinking), and branding expert Terri Trespicio. I also re-connected with some longer acquaintances (and visited the publishing team at Portfolio in the afternoon).

The downside of a fun night in NYC is that I get back to Philly…late. I pulled into my garage at midnight, pumped, went to bed, and woke up at 5 a.m. with the baby. Fortunately, he went back to sleep after I fed him, so I got another 90 minutes of sleep. I met a friend to run 5 miles. Other than that, today is a fairly chill day. Our nanny shifted her hours to work longer during the week and take Fridays off during the summer. I’m generally covering this time, but my mother-in-law is here so she’s with the kids while I’ve got a few calls and am finishing things up.

A few links. I’m over at Fast Company writing about Why Aren’t Men Talking About Work/Life Balance? My point is that men increasingly use many of the same techniques as women, but they generally don’t talk about them. There are downsides to this. Change comes when people stick their necks out, such as the gentleman I write about who filed a complaint against his employer for discriminatory paternity leave policies. On the other hand, not everything needs to be formally recognized, and asking to deviate from a typical schedule implies that there is a right way to work, and in at least some fields, I don’t think that’s the case. I would really appreciate a read and a share on this post; these sorts of posts never do as well as ones about 11 ways successful people spend their lunch breaks, but I want to keep writing them. So I need to show that someone reads them. Thank you.

Acculturated runs a lovely write up of I Know How She Does It. The author of the review, Carrie Lukas, has 5 children in addition to her job. I’m hoping she’ll share her time log with us soon.

Next Avenue runs an interview, and Simple Mindfulness does a write-up. And I particularly liked this write-up in Philly Voice, because I got to be referred to as a “local author.” I don’t know why that sounds so cool, but it does!

Photo: View from the NASDAQ building in Times Square, where I recorded the interview for BNN. I like wandering around New York. I found this Japanese department store and I bought little notebooks there. Then I ate in a hole-in-the-wall Italian place. It was great! I love that about NYC. Of course, the $45 bill for lunch was a reminder of one reason we left.

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