Friday links: My budding thespian

497256450_1522681b6f_mYesterday afternoon, my son’s kindergarten class put on a play called “Life Cycles.” He was the gardener, and wore his little overalls and straw hat (and kid gardening gloves) to school. We all tromped into the auditorium at 2 p.m. to see him perform. The auditorium at the local elementary school was pretty packed — they had other classes come see the kindergarten play, too, in addition to parents. A big crowd! And my son had a solo. He did great. He got up in front of the microphone, sang his song right with the tempo of the recording and didn’t seem nervous at all. He was so cute, and I was so proud.

In this week’s grab bucket of links:

I’m over at Fortune, writing on “Is it worth it to train new employees?” While most companies don’t train new hires extensively, a few that do find a good return on investment. Employees are less likely to quit and (just as important) don’t take up senior people’s time with questions that a good skills-based training program can answer. If you train enough, you can also broaden the pool you hire from. That’s one reason the major investment banks outsource their financial skills training to a company called Training the Street. They can hire smart liberal arts grads, not just business/accounting types.

MoneySavingMom does a short video on how she does it all, or doesn’t, as the case may be.

Over at CBS MoneyWatch, I did an interview with M.R. Nelson (aka “Cloud”), on her new ebook, Taming the Work Week, and how she keeps her hours and her team’s hours at the 40-45 hour/week mark.

Ye Olde College Try writes about keeping a time log (here’s part one of the saga; here’s part two).

I’m getting a great response on my call for time logs for the Dandelion Project. As some alert readers have also pointed out, I could get a high volume of responses by partnering with some organizations (e.g. major consulting companies, law firms, etc.) that have a high concentration of six-figure earning moms. I would very much welcome introductions and leads on this front. I do lots of corporate speaking and workshops and I’m sure we could come up with something that would be mutually beneficial.

I’m over at I Done This, guest posting on how practice is the most productive thing you’ll do today.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend (for those in the US) – I’ll be trying to unplug, and I hope you will too. Except if you want to pre-order the paperback of All the Money in the World – out May 28 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Friday links: My budding thespian

  1. Wow! That Ye Old College Try blog is the best ever!! She is such a talented and witty writer.

    Just kidding. It’s me- Katherine, from Ye Old College Try. Just trying to generate hype for my little blog:)

    Thanks for the link! Pretty fun way to start my weekend!

    1. @Katherine – I enjoyed the time logs! 5 hours cooking and 5 hours cleaning sounds like more than enough. I definitely need to figure out the freezer meal thing.

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