USA Today: Crowdfund Your First Job

I have a column in today’s USA Today called “Crowdfund Your First Job.” The idea (a bit tongue in cheek, but still) is that the job market is still lousy. If you’re hunting for a first position out of school, you can send your resume around to the places that recruit on college campuses. Or you can try something a little off beat. Use one of the major crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, RocketHub, etc.) to fundraise for a creative or entrepreneurial project, and use that as the first entry in your portfolio. People spend years trying to transition into work they find enjoyable and interesting. Why not start there? You can always do something else more traditional later. When you’re 22, you probably have less at risk than at any other point in your life. Given how important it is for happiness to be in the right line of work, some experimenting after school is not a bad idea. Anyway, please check out the piece and share it around!

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