Want to get more done? Write next year’s performance review now

My career column over at BNET is now into its second week (and I’m happy to see, via Google Analytics, that it’s sending folks over here). My two posts this week:

  • Why you should write next year’s performance review now.” Yes, the annual review is a bit of a farce. But it’s a useful tool, when taken into your own hands, for figuring out your long term goals. As we’re here at the end of 2010, try figuring out what you’d like to report, at this time next year, that you’ve done. What 2-3 accomplishments would make it a successful year? Listing those now will greatly increase the chances that, by December 2011, they will have happened.
  • “Want to get more done?” Massive to-do lists set us up for failure. One of the best productivity tricks I’ve learned is to aim to do less. Identify your top three priorities for the day, and only hold yourself to those. When you aim to do three things, you’ll do them and move on. Over time, this adds up.

2 thoughts on “Want to get more done? Write next year’s performance review now

  1. I just wrote my bullet points of what I want to accomplish in 2011 tonight! I’ve got pages and pages of notes of ideas and goals, and I was happy to boil them down to the major points.

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