Making a difference on any budget

I enjoyed Kelly Greene’s article in the Wall Street Journal today on Best Volunteer Options for Any Budget. She suggested ways you could do good with smaller amounts of money (say, $100 in lending for Kiva) or larger sums (like $20,000 to start a non-profit). If someone came to you and said she had an extra $100 and wanted to spend it on something with the goal of doing good for the world, what would you tell her? What about $1000? $10,000?

4 thoughts on “Making a difference on any budget

  1. At $100 I would spend it on gas for my car, so that I could deliver meals on wheels to the elderly in my community.

    At $1000, Id save it, so that I could give it away freely and anonymously when I saw someone who truly needed it.

  2. I love this – I would never have seen it as I live in the UK not the US so thanks for posting.

    And it’s so relevant to me too – I’ve given up working full-time and I’m on a mission to try to help 100 people in life-changing ways. I’ve started a blog about it.

    I’m only just starting out so bear with me!

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