How Not to Get More Done in Less Time (and the NY Post)

Alisa Bowman, author of the forthcoming book Project Happily Ever After, penned an amazing review of 168 Hours today called “How Not to Get More Done in Less Time.”

Bowman writes that she was nervous about reviewing my book because “After nearly two decades of self-help junkiehood, there are few tips that I have not read or written.  For this reason, it has become increasingly rare for a self-help book to change my life in any significant way.”

But (drum roll please)… “Let me tell you, all of that worrying just wasted mental energy that didn’t need to be wasted. Laura’s book changed my life.” She writes that she has started looking at her time in different ways, and asking if she really needs to do anything that she doesn’t enjoy.

That’s the magic of 168 Hours. It’s not a book about getting more done in less time. It’s not about how to multitask, and it’s not a book full of tips about how to clean your house more efficiently. Sure, you will find advice about how to cut your grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry time. But it’s not what you think. She doesn’t tell you to fold clothes while you are talking on the phone to your mother while simultaneously having sex with your husband. No, she tells you to stop folding clothes.

As she writes, “stress comes from spending time on stuff that doesn’t matter.” Those are good words to live by, and I thank Alisa for her thoughtful review.

In other news, 168 Hours made the New York Post this morning! Thanks to Brian Moore for a great opportunity with his “60 Seconds with Laura Vanderkam” Q&A. As he quotes me, “most of us have no idea how we’re spending our time.” It’s something hopefully more of us will learn during the 168 Hours Challenge next week! The countdown is on — 7 days from now, we’ll start logging our time, with some book giveaways to sweeten the deal. Watch this space for more information.

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