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Forward motion in hurry-up-and-wait jobs

Some jobs operate on a predictable rhythm. Meetings and phone calls get scheduled in advance. You know roughly what the "hard landscape" of your day is, and what time is available for other projects. This can change, of course, and interruptions can be frequent, but the nature of the days is to be scheduled. Since the standard office job looks like this, much p… read more »

Opening a new spreadsheet

I started tracking my time continuously in April of 2015. There was no one event that precipitated it. I'd had a baby in January, and had a book coming out in June, and I knew it would be a full year. I wanted to see where the time really went. I wanted a record of what life looked like in a way that my journal wasn't necessarily proving to be (I had a hard time keeping up w… read more »

One way to enjoy winter

I spent this past weekend in Tremblant in Canada (about 90 minutes from Montreal). The older three children and I tagged along with my husband, who'd been in Canada for work. The boys skied and went snowboarding. I don't ski, though I enjoy some of the people watching in ski resorts. I spent the mornings working and at the gym. Anyway, the highlight for me was in t… read more »

Something is better than nothing

Today is one of those days where it's been challenging to maintain good habits. I try to run most days, and I try to blog at least four times per week. Today there were a lot of little things that needed to happen. But I put on my running shoes and jumped on the treadmill and ran a slow mile. Just a mile! (And change for a cool down). I was watching the seconds the whole ti… read more »

A January miscellany post

We are mostly back on the mend here. The toddler got the stomach bug this weekend while I was in California, and then my husband (who was the one taking care of the toddler) got it, but both are mostly better now. Of course, there turn out to be other illnesses beyond GI ones! I took the 5- and 2-year-old to their routine pediatrician appointment yesterday, and my d… read more »