I am writing this from my bed, where I have spent much of the past 16 hours. My daughter had thrown up Wednesday night, and sure enough, yesterday around 4:30 I started feeling pretty off. I went up to lie down for a bit, and then wow. I had a more brutal version of it than she did. Sometimes you have one episode and that solves the problem, but I was in the thick of it from 6-11 p.m. Finally around midnight I was able to keep down a sip of water.

It’s never fun to get sick, though the timing was better than it could have been. My husband was gone, but our nanny volunteered to stay overnight. I am not sure how I would have been able to watch the other kids. I couldn’t even move to bring the garbage cans up to the street for trash night. I’m supposed to be on a plane tomorrow, but I’ll be better by tomorrow. That’s the thing with stomach bugs. They’re fast (if you feel, during those 12-24 hours, like you want to die).

Of course, now the 9-year-old has it, so he is home from school. Here’s hoping no one else gets it!

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  1. My husband is a big believer in red grape juice. He drinks 4 ounces a day and has the kids do so as well. I always thought it was hooey. Sure enough the stomach virus arrived at our house over Christmas. My husband and children had maybe one or two stomach upsets and were over it in a few hours. I had it for 12 hours. Then suffered dehydration and weakness for a few days after. I’m not going to say it works, but I’ve adjusted my calorie intake to include the grape juice.
    Hope you get well soon and no one else gets it!

  2. Oh sweetie. I hope you feel better soon. If it’s what’s going around here (1 state over) I had it a few weeks ago and was also worse off than my little one. Which is the way you want it, but it’s neither fun nor convenient. Hope you get some good rest!

  3. Oh, how wonderful that your nanny was able to stay overnight and help. My husband and I once came down with the stomach flu 24 hours after our toddler got over it. We each spent several hours lying on bathroom floors waiting for the next episode, while our toddler laughed at us from his crib. It made me realize how precious that situation can be – when caregivers in a house are (all) sick – and made me think more clearly about backup plans. I was so grateful for a colleague who brought us ginger ale and crackers (and left them on our porch for us to avoid getting sick too!)

      1. @H – definitely not precious! I recall being home with a vomiting baby one day when I was sick too with no back up. I still remember it as being one of the longest days of my life.

  4. I was the one who got sick first with the flu which I’m sure I caught it at work (hospital emergency room). I went home with a fever etc. The next morning my husband was burning up as well). We had to synchronize our Tylenol so I would care for our three kids when mine kicked in. Then when I hit bottom, his would kick in and he would be with the kids. This would be fine except for first thing in the morning when we slept through our doses. One morning my daughter came to me with a high fever and sick to her stomach. She got downstairs before she lost it. As I was cleaning her up I could hear our cat vomiting in the kitchen! Then my husband started calling my name with the most pitiful voice (I’m sure he was up there practicing). Just as I cleaned up the cat’s mess, my daughter was sick again. Then the cat got sick again and then he’s calling my name with that damn pitiful voice! The whole family ended up camping out in the living room for a week.
    I have never missed a flu shot from then on.

    1. @everyone – thank you for all your good wishes! I’m feeling much better now. The 9-year-old is better too. These things are quick, if incredibly unpleasant in the midst of them!

  5. We all had that over the break. Even my parents. It happened right before we were supposed to go to a cabin. We went anyway, and even though we didn’t feel great, we were able to enjoy the snow well enough. My dad got it the worst and spent New Years vomiting violently. It was rough. I’m so glad the whole episode is behind you, and us!

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