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Good as these things go

Young children complicate the concept of leisure time. Weekends do not look like a textbook picture of relaxation. Still, it is possible to do some fun things, even with the kids in tow. Sunday wound up being a very full day. I woke up with the baby at 6:30, fed him, then ran 6 miles along the river with Jane. The weather was cold when we started but warmed up quickly… read more »

A few weekend updates

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind wishes about my little guy. He seems to be doing better. A few more coughing fits but I think he is coming out of it. A few random things... I am writing an article on time-management tips that accountants use during busy season. If you have coped with that January-March (or April) deluge as an accountant I would love to hear fr… read more »

How to really make time slow down

Wednesday evening was one of the more plodding in recent memory. Once the gears of the medical system are set in motion, all you can generally do is just sit and wait. I had called our pediatric practice at lunch on Wednesday because the baby (13 months) had been feverish for a few days. He had the most pathetic sounding cough too. He would cough like he was choking… read more »

My daily writing quotient

I think of myself as a writer, so I am always amazed how much of being a writer involves things other than writing. I generally prefer the writing; I was feeling out of sorts Tuesday, and I blame it on doing very little writing. In the interest of batching, I had shoved most of my writing to Wednesday. I did a lot of writing today. But days like today also remind me tha… read more »

Revision for 3rd graders and others

I think all writers like talking about our processes. We are perhaps a fragile bunch, and talking about a process implies a seriousness that we can struggle to assert. In any case, I like talking about writing and editing, and yesterday I got to talk to one of my all-time favorite groups: my 3rd grader and his class. The children have been working on revision thi… read more »