Full of flowers and possibility

IMG_0231After a bitterly cold spell last week, all warmed up in the past few days. It is not spring yet. I spy more freezes on the forecast. But this weekend hinted at the possibility of warmer weather to come.

I spent Friday grocery shopping ($350 — but I have been loving my Wegmans prepared fish lunches) and running on the treadmill and working during nap, but this should be it. I finally got my act together and hired Friday childcare. I was reminded why when I got the baby down for a nap and then the phone rang and I saw the elementary school number. I had something I absolutely had to finish, and I was sure it was going to be the nurse calling to tell me someone was sick. So I would have to wake the baby to get in the car, thus throwing the whole day off. Fortunately, it was the third grade teacher chatting about my classroom visit on Monday (phew!) But the fact that I was so anxious about it was a reminder that I do not need to be that anxious.

Also, given the ski situation, I am still spending plenty of time with the baby even minus Fridays. On Saturday, I got the 3 big kids off to go skiing with my husband, loaded some chicken and potato curry in the slow cooker, and then took the 1-year-old to Longwood Gardens. IMG_0244We enjoyed the orchid show, and he liked playing in the kid garden area, and then we went outside to walk around. With temperatures in the 50s it was quite pleasant. He walked some, and played in the grass some, and pushed his stroller around too. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. I ran (2 8:30 miles!) and worked and cleaned. When he woke up, we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought 4 dozen of their inexpensive wine glasses. They were nice and sturdy, with a good hand feel. Frankly, I am happy that we got out of that store for a mere $65. There were all kinds of things I had no idea I might need (new pillows! kitchen gear! A humidifier shaped like R2D2!)

The others pulled into the driveway as we did, though minus the 8-year-old (dropped off at a play date). We played outside for a while. I held the baby as my husband finished up the tree-chopping job that had ended with an emergency room visit a few weeks before. It was much less eventful this time.

I made everyone try chicken curry for dinner. Let us just say that not everyone seemed to appreciate my cooking. Oh well. They did all try it. Later in the evening I sat outside on the porch reading — which is a real treat to do in February.

Sunday the boys left to go skiing, and after some general playing I took the 2 little kids to church. I was volunteering for the 4-year-old class. Not many kids came, so it wound up being more of a chance to spend time with my daughter sans little brother than anything else. While the baby napped, I worked on my lesson plan for the 3rd grade class, worked, and so forth. I plan to run outside (!) when my husband gets home from the ski slopes. Here is hoping they beat the rain.

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      1. I feel like that on the rare occasions when my kids are all gone…I’m all, “I WILL DO ALL OF THE THINGS.” Ha.

        I do usually get a lot done while they’re all gone, but the time goes by lickety split.

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