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Unexpected speed work

The seasons must be changing, because we wound up at the YMCA yesterday. The YMCA became our winter default family activity earlier this year, with many a cold Saturday or Sunday featuring the 20 minute drive there. My husband and I would run a few miles on the treadmills while the kids played in the Kid Zone, and then we’d all go swimming in the indoor pool toge… read more »

Sleep: How much are you getting?

I was somewhat surprised at how many people commented on the snooze button post (or emailed me) this week. But then I saw how many people responded to a post Meagan Francis wrote about sleeping 8.5-9 hours a night, and realized that this is really a hot topic. Meagan wrote (in a previous post) that she normally was asleep by 10:30 and woke up at 7 or so. She's always… read more »

Time tracking: Getting into the weeds

I’ve been tracking my time this week. My next book, Mosaic, will be full of lessons from time logs, so I need to get back in the habit of logging my own hours. I always tell people attempting this for the first time that it will be instructive. That’s an incomplete statement. It’s instructive even if you’ve done it dozens of times. The first thing I am remi… read more »

Productivity hack: Kid birthday presents

With three kids, we wind up going to -- and hosting -- a reasonable number of birthday parties. As with anything one does frequently, I find there are ways to make this a smoother process than it otherwise could be. First, we joined Amazon Prime. This is probably the best $80 per year I spend (for unlimited 2-day shipping). You almost never need something in less… read more »

Seeking sources: Have you conquered your snooze button?

I'm working on a piece on dropping the snooze button habit. There is nothing more miserable than sleeping in 9-minute increments. If you've come up with a system to stop using the snooze button, I'd love to hear from you! As usual, lvanderkam at yahoo dot com. My main alarm is across the bedroom from me, so by the time I turn it off, I'm already up. But between havin… read more »