Bored at work? Watch me!

A few upcoming events:

Tomorrow (that is, Thurs Sept 19), starting at 9pm Eastern, you can listen to me being interviewed by Heidi Grant Halvorson for her online Science of Thriving conference. This conference features people from Dan Pink to Dan Ariely to…me. The interview can be streamed for 24 hours free (she sells it after that). This link takes you to the sign up page.

On October 2, I’ll be giving an all day online course via Creative Live. This four part session covers general time management, and then specific tips for before breakfast, on the weekends, and during the workday. You can sign up here. This is also free during the event (they sell the course after that).

If you live in the San Francisco area, Creative Live is looking for audience members for the talk. They promise me you will be given a nice lunch.

In both cases, signing up is free; they collect your email address as the price of admission. Thanks!

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