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A blog post 4 years in the making

Oh yes, it’s Leap Day -- the extra 24 hours bequeathed on us by calendar creators due to the not exactly 365-day journey of the earth around the sun. We don’t really get an extra day in the sense that this week still has 7 days. Though wouldn’t it have been fun if we did get an extra-calendar day? Monday, Tuesday, Leap Day, Wednesday... Yes, it would be fun. Bu… read more »

Catch me on NPR’s Talk of the Nation

I'll be on NPR's Talk of the Nation today (February 28) at roughly 2:40pm eastern, talking about time and my Wall Street Journal article, "Are you as busy as you think?" You can call the show at (800) 989-8255. Thanks for listening!… read more »

Book writing in the age of blogs

Books are an old-fashioned medium, much like albums. In the iTunes era, the album model has increasingly struggled, and these days each single needs to stand on its own. I imagine this will happen with books via the ebook revolution soon. Right now, if you want chapter 1 of one of my books, I can make you buy chapter 8. In the future, you’ll be able to see that whi… read more »

Why retire?

The markets have been rallying since October, slowly building a cushion around shaken nest eggs. That sounds like good news for baby boomers approaching retirement age. With 401ks bolstered by a bull run, the question of at what age people can afford to retire no longer returns an answer of “never” on financial advisors’ handy calculators. But here… read more »

Round-up: Picasso and 98 things

It's been a big week here, and we have a lot of new readers. I hope you'll stick around! Every Friday I do a round-up of my writing from elsewhere (mostly my gig with CBS MoneyWatch), plus media mentions of me or my books, and other cool stuff from around the web. As a reminder, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get a once-a-month email featuring an original essa… read more »