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I’ll be on NPR’s Talk of the Nation today (February 28) at roughly 2:40pm eastern, talking about time and my Wall Street Journal article, “Are you as busy as you think?” You can call the show at (800) 989-8255. Thanks for listening!

11 thoughts on “Catch me on NPR’s Talk of the Nation

  1. Laura,

    Thank You! I was listening to you today on NPR on my way home. I am a mother of two, full-time nurse and in graduate school and it always amazes me how everyone complains they have no time. I am doing all of this and still have time left, admittedly most of it watching some “housewives” show.

    It always makes me laugh when people get into those competitions about who is busiest. I never got that. I just tell them I am not that busy and I get at least 8 hours of sleep and feel well rested, drives them crazy!

    Thank you for pointing out what I always suspected. It isn’t that we have no time we just spend it differently. I for one spend it on the things I love.

    You made me smile, thanks,

    1. @Sharon – thanks so much! I’m glad you caught the segment and that I could make you smile. We have time for anything that really matters to us.

  2. L,

    Listening to the show, call ins and reviewing the comments from your WSJ article – wow, maybe you should write a book/article regarding finding what matters most to you rather than trying to control the world and its outcomes around you and all the goofy commitments you’ve made – another of the fantasies that we love to cultivate.

    Thanks for your reasoned sane approach to an remarkable cultural problem.

    1. @David- thanks for listening to the show! Yes, the mightiest among us is granted no more than 168 hours a week. You absolutely cannot fit more into a week than that, and any attempts to do so will just end in frustration.

  3. I tuned in half way through your interview and was devastated to learn that there’s not a Laura Vanderkam time management book waiting for me at Barnes & Noble! If need a research guinea pig to get that book written, sign me up! A few hours ago I would have sworn that I was the busiest man alive. Can’t wait to read your WSJ article. Thank you.

    1. @Chris- I just sent you an email. There *is* a Laura Vanderkam time management book! It’s called 168 Hours: You Have More Time Thank You Think. It’s probably not stocked in your local Barnes & Noble as it came out 2 years ago, but it is sold from, Amazon, etc., and is also available in all digital formats (plus audio). If anyone’s visiting after hearing the interview, please go check it out!

  4. Great interview on Talk of the Nation! I’ll have to read your book. As an expat living and working in Sweden, I have come to think that Americans have a whole psych around ” I have to be doing all I can to prove I’m a success” They are job insecure and like to believe they are “busy” doing all that they can so they think their job is secure and it isn’t their fault if they get laid off, or don’t get a promotion.

    1. @Linda- there is a certain amount of job insecurity, and that does inspire workweek inflation, competitiveness, and a desire to always appear busy. Of course, in the era of mass layoffs, you can be busy as a bee and still get laid off. Real security comes from building up a financial cushion so you can push back and build a life that works for you. Yes, you might get laid off, but you might get laid off anyway. You may as well enjoy your work life in the process.

  5. I missed the talk but saw the WSJ article. I love your approach. I’ve started calculating how many hours in my day, and how many hours I have to get stuff done. I never thought about it that way until I read your info. It works for me! And love the challenging of the status quo!

  6. Thank you Laura, I caught part of “Talk Of the Nation” yesterday. While driving. I was like OMG, this Laura lady wrote what I have suspected for a few months now. Well okay maybe a year, lol. But your completely right. Time management is something we could use. Before enlisting in the USAF. I read a book titled something like “How go gain control of your life and time.” It dealt with A, B, C’s in order of priority. With goals set for the next day, next week, next month and so on really good book. Found it online will get it again. You made my day yesterday that I still have hope. Thanks again Laura and have a gr8 Leap Day Wednesday 2012, Joe

    1. @Joe- thanks, glad you caught the interview and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it! Happy leap day to you as well, and thanks for your service in the USAF.

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