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Upcoming 168 Hours Appearances

For any of you Aussie visitors to, I am scheduled to be on the Australian Today Show this weekend. (I am taping at 4:30 NYC time, which I gather is early Saturday morning over there, but I'm not sure it will be live). And for early-rising American sorts, I am tentatively on Fox & Friends next week. Will get you exact date/time as we get closer.… read more »

Reader Mail: Letter from a new mom

One of the fun parts of writing a book is getting reader mail. Over the past few weeks I’ve heard from people who’ve told me that 168 Hours has changed their lives. This is incredibly gratifying. But one of my favorite emails was from a woman who found herself in the same position I was when I started pulling together the material for 168 Hours – that is, as a n… read more »

168 Hours on the Today Show, and the time management spreadsheet

Yesterday was a big day for 168 Hours. For starters, it's fun to be mentioned in the same TV listings as Taylor Lautner. But also, I made my Today Show debut! I was interviewed by Natalie Morales during the 8:00 hour. Turns out this marathon-running mom of two little boys is a fan of the book, which she was gracious enough to mention on air. You can read an excerpt an… read more »

Learning more about 168 Hours

I am seeing from my Google Analytics account that many new readers have joined us here at over the past month. Below are a few posts from the archives that will help you get a sense of the book, and my thoughts on how people spend their time now and in the past. Finding Time to Exercise: Many people claim they don't have time to work out. They're wrong… read more »

Write that Christmas letter…in June

This ran as a guest post earlier this week over at They are also running a contest for a give-away copy of the book if you want to check that out! WRITE THAT CHRISTMAS LETTER...IN JUNE By Laura Vanderkam It’s June. It’s hot outside. The kids are out of school and in the midst of a vacation that puts winter recess to shame. So why am I asking yo… read more »