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The Great American Soap-off (aka the laundry time-suck)

Most of the chapter titles in 168 Hours are fairly vague ("A Full Life"). But one is quite specific: Don't Do Your Own Laundry. The chapter covers getting all sorts of household chores off your plate, but I put laundry in the title because I think this is the household task that could most benefit from some different thinking. According to today's Wall Street Jo… read more »

Handmade is the new black

My column, "Handmade is the new black," ran in USA Today this morning. Though mostly about the rise of the craft economy, it relates, broadly to some themes in 168 Hours. First, in this moonlighting economy, with technology platforms that lower the transaction costs of bringing together buyers and sellers, it is more possible to augment a family budget than… read more »

Time to run a marathon

One of the tips I learned while writing 168 Hours is to figure out exactly how long any given activity will take. Then you can look at your schedule and figure out if you have that amount of time available. If you do, and you want to do it, great. If you don't, you either say no, or rearrange your schedule to create enough open blocks of time to make it happen. I have cur… read more »

Time Makeover: Stephanie Graham

As promised, I am finally starting to load some more “time makeovers” up on this blog! The good thing about putting these online is that there are no space constraints. I guess that's a nice way of warning readers that this one is long... Today’s comes from a young lady named Stephanie Graham. She wrote me this past summer and said “I am always in search o… read more »

Motherlode: Juggling Full-Time Work…and Bad Assumptions

I was fascinated to read a guest post at Lisa Belkin's NY Times Motherlode blog from Dr. Simi Hoque of the University of Massachusetts. Prof. Hoque will be returning to work shortly after maternity leave, and was fretting about the fact that she wouldn't see her daughter much during the week, since the nanny would be there from 9-6:30, and her daughter went to b… read more »