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I had hinted on here over the past few months that I was working on a book proposal. This one went out to a large number of potential publishers, and after a brief auction (!) I am thrilled to announce that I will be publishing my next two books with Norton.

The first, currently called Big Time, is an exploration of time abundance through the lens of many of my favorite topics: time tracking, mega-family logistics, year-long projects, etc.

The second, currently called The Golden Hours, will look at evening routines, and how to use the often under-appreciated hours after work and before bed.

I’m excited to start work on these, and I’ll be keeping everyone posted on my progress. I’ll be doing lots of interviews and case studies for both, and my goal is to have a diversity of experiences presented, so lots of people can see themselves and see helpful strategies in these books.

Thank you for all your support of me and my books over the years. I really appreciate it! (The Publishers Marketplace write-up is included below.)

40 thoughts on “A little book news…

  1. OMG!!! I am sooooooooo excited for you!!! AND FOR ME! Who will get to read these books when they come out!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

    1. @Anne S- I have to write them so it will be a while! Likely early 2026 publication for Big Time and then Golden Hours 18 months after that (sometime in 2027).

  2. Great news and excited to read these! As someone who has always had a secret dream of becoming an author, this seems so incredibly cool to me–two books at a time! Congratulations.

  3. Very exciting news – congratulations. I am especially excited about Golden Hours and how using those hours well can make a big life impact, but is challenging.

  4. Tell me the second the pre-order window opens and I WILL BE ONLINE!

    (Also, just sayin”…if you need any beta readers, I’m there for that, too 😉

  5. YAYYYYYYYY!!!! I got so excited when I saw that email subject line – and TWO books. Oh my goodness, I’m thrilled.

  6. Congratulations Laura, very much looking forward to reading both of them. It’s weird to think I will probably be newly retired from full time work when the second one comes out, which I know will be a whole new time management challenge. I’m sure golden hours are just as vital at that stage in life. Best of luck with both projects.

  7. YAYYYYY!!!! Congrats! I second Molly’s comment, I wish 2027 would come sooner because I am very excited about that topic in particular. In 2027 my kids will be…. 11, 9, and 5! I wonder if the Golden Hours will be as challenging then as they are now. (Most likely YES but for different reasons I suppose). I am very happy for you Laura and toasting you with my ginger ale from afar!

    1. @Lori – love the ginger ale toast! And don’t worry, there actually is a chapter on Golden Hours in the Big Time book and then I will expand on it for the second book 🙂

  8. Congratulations Laura. I have a dedicated LvdK section of my bookcase, soon I will need an entire shelf. Huge fan, I so appreciate the gift to the world that you offer through your writing.

    1. @Hayley – thanks and I love the idea of an LvdK section on the book shelf! Send me a picture 🙂

  9. This is so exciting!! Congratulations to you and looking forward to hearing more about how things are going throughout the process.

  10. Thrilling! I love both concepts! At 72, I’m hardly your demographic, but I find many of your insights to be relevant, counterintuitive and ageless.

  11. Congratulations Laura! Such great topics and I’m excited to read them! I’ll be preordering them both and suggesting them to my book club.

  12. Wow, congratulations!!! This is huge news. I’m already looking forward to reading them–I love your insights and the concept around time abundance are so helpful.

  13. Yay! Fantastic news! I am so excited for both books. When you say “Mega-family logistics” do you mean lots of family (like your 5 kids??) or lots of logistics? Or both? Because I would love to help out on anything big family – having four kids 5 and under (while keeping dual career and hobbies!) feels like a wild ride with not much literature to support the journey.

    I’m definitely keen to read about this and in 2026 the twins will turn 3 and I’m already excited for the time-freedom of having no two year olds about.

    And the golden hours sounds like a perfect read for 2027 as well. Yay!

    1. @Rachel – I meant families with lots of kids (like mine, or yours!) but I suppose having lots of logistics would, in and of itself, teach some strategies too…I just find the idea of smart systems really cool.

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