Best of Both Worlds podcast: Quality time in 3 dimensions

We’re a few days past Valentine’s Day, but showing love is always a good topic! One of the ways we can show our love for people is spending quality individual time with them. But if you’ve got a busy job and a big(ger) family, that can be challenging.

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah and I look at how to find quality time with partners, kids, and with yourself during the busy years. The good news is that something tends to go a long way — it doesn’t have to be much to matter.

In the Q&A we tackle the time cost of home ownership. A listener is thinking of buying her first home but has heard from friends about how they’re spending all their time dealing with house projects. Is there any way to limit that?

Please give the episode a listen! As always, we welcome ratings and reviews. We are also happy to report that the “explicit” rating from Apple has now been removed — we are (and always have been) a “clean” podcast. So feel free to listen in the car while driving other people around!

Now that Best of Both Worlds is part of iHeartMedia, you can also listen through their channels.

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