Day 7 of the January 2024 Time Tracking Challenge

Well, this is not how I hoped the last day of this time tracking challenge would go….I’d mentioned my hip pain dissipating yesterday afternoon, making my trip downtown and around the auto show possible.

After I hit post (around 6 p.m.) and started dinner, the pain came roaring back, much worse than before. I made it through dinner and through giving the little boys a bath around 8 p.m. but after I got up for about the 20th time to wipe water out of their eyes, everything just kind of gave in. Lower back through to upper right leg…I made it over to my bed and, with the exception of putting H to bed (he insisted…) I have been there ever since, battling various degrees of at times quite excruciating pain.

Overnight and morning were the worst. I slept a bit (I think like 11-3:30) but I just could not get comfortable in any position. In the morning I Face Timed with my sister-in-law (physical medicine) and we think it’s likely a pinched nerve radiating down. I have an appointment with a specialist Wednesday morning. Until then, it’s a lot of OTC painkillers (the local urgent care said they would not really be able to do better than that so I decided it wasn’t worth trying to move myself). The good news is that by about 1 p.m. today I’d moved from sharp pain even while lying down — to say nothing of getting up to go to the bathroom — to more of a dull ache while lying in bed. Getting up is a different story, so I’m just trying not to.

In other words…kind of a long day. Pain makes you very aware of time (something I know from some dental distress in the past and, of course, the fun and joy of natural childbirth). Once I wasn’t in such bad shape I was able to read a little because my husband took the two little boys out skiing, so they were out of the house. The upside of having our newly licensed driver (good timing) is that he was able to drive himself and his sister to church this morning, and then he could drive her to a friend’s house in the neighborhood for a playdate.

Anyway, I’m hoping things continue to improve. My almost-9-year-old’s birthday party is tomorrow and while I know my husband and nanny (and the venue staff) can run it I want to be there. Fingers crossed.

I hope Day 7 of your time tracking week was much better than mine!

18 thoughts on “Day 7 of the January 2024 Time Tracking Challenge

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the hip pain! That sounds awful! There is never a good time for something like that to happen but I am glad it didn’t happen when you were traveling for a conference or something! Your appt feels so far off though! I hope you don’t have super busy days ahead!

    My parents were THRILLED when they had another driver in the house. We lived in a super rural area so there wasn’t as much to worry about as a kid driving in a big city (I am sure they still worried a bit) but mostly they were excited to have someone themself to school, activities, etc.

    It’s been bitterly cold here this weekend so we have laid low quite a bit. I did brave the -30F windchills to take the boys to an indoor park this am and the older boy to swimming this afternoon. It’s just horrid outside!

    1. @lisa- yep, I guess it could have been worse…I can’t imagine trying to get home in this state. That weather sounds terrible. Time to hibernate!

  2. Oh no! Pain is awful. I’m so sorry. My husband took my 13yr old to play pond hockey with friends today and he broke his leg within the first 5 minutes. And it was their first time on the ice this year. So my day 7 has been a lot of helping my husband move into a comfortable position. I’m hoping for some sleep tonight but who knows. We haven’t had good luck with sports lately. My 14yr old broke his finger within the first 5 minutes of his first basketball practice of the season. He just got to start again on Wednesday. I’m thinking of saying no more sports for a few months :).

    Yay for having another driver! It really is helpful, but I admit it still stresses me out and I do breathe a bit better once they are home.

    1. @Jessica – yikes! A broken leg (for an adult!) sounds utterly terrible. I hope he recovers as quickly as possible – that can be a long process. (And you will be down a driver) – best wishes for help on logistics…

  3. So sorry to hear about your pain – I hope your specialist visit helped to resolve it.
    I just popped in to set up my time tracking challenge for the fourth time, I find it so incredibly helpful and recommend it to everyone!

  4. I’m so sorry to see this update! I hope you get relief soon, are able to attend your son’s party, and learn enough about what caused it to prevent any recurrence. Feel better!!

  5. Oh Laura! Ugh. Pain like that is so frustrating because if you can’t get comfortable in any position it’s hard to concentrate on anything but the discomfort. Hoping it gets sorted quickly and you’re back to 100% very soon.

    I hope you’re able to make it to the party!!!

  6. Could you need a hip replacement? You seem too young to be a candidate for hip replacement, but I had my first one at 55. Twenty years later, my other hip is acting up. I hope your pain is from something that can be treated without surgery. But either way, you work so hard, it’s definitely time to take time off. It’s good that you have a thoughtful husband, a nanny and at least some kids old enough to help.

    1. @Jackie Pettus – let’s hope it’s not that! I’m pretty sure it’s a pinched nerve with the pain/tenderness/weakness radiating down my leg. But I could be wrong. So we shall see what is suggested!

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