Sign up for the January 2024 Time Tracking Challenge

Happy (early) New Year! Plenty of people make New Year’s resolutions to spend their time better. But if you don’t know where the time is going now, it’s hard to know if you’re changing the right thing!

So here’s a chance to figure it out. From Jan 8-15, I’ll be hosting my annual January Time Tracking Challenge. If you sign up here, you will receive daily motivational emails from me during that week. You can follow my time tracking on this blog (I’ll be posting my logs daily) and you can also know that many many people will be tracking time with you. Some years we’ve had into the thousands!

Whether you want to be “officially” part of the challenge or not, I think time tracking is worth trying. Many of us find time to be more nebulous — it passes whether we think about how we’re spending it or not. Time tracking introduces a little awareness and hopefully a little intentionality.

You can download any of my time tracking spreadsheets from this page. (The URL is I use the 30-minute Excel version, but choose whichever format you like! You can also use an app or a little notebook – whatever works for you.

I promise this will be useful and I also promise that it isn’t that tedious. I’ve been tracking my time for almost 9 years now! You don’t need to do that! But a week is good. See you in the new year! (And here’s the link to sign up again!)

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