Best of Both Worlds podcast: Thoughts on aging

We’re all getting older, one day at a time. So in this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah and I discuss aging from all angles. There’s the superficial (skincare, hair, clothing), there’s health, and then there’s life philosophies from the perspective of being in our mid-40s. Getting older has its challenges, but it’s better than the alternative!

In the Q&A we give advice to a listener who is wondering if she can limit her work travel without derailing her career trajectory. Being away from home isn’t the problem — it’s just that she feels some of these work trips are a waste of time. We talk about ways to make sure work time is spent on the highest value activities.

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8 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Thoughts on aging

  1. Really this past year is the first time that I’ve been like WHOA I need to take care of myself because I am NOT getting any younger. I notice a massive difference between less than 8 and 8.5h of sleep per night, and call is taking me longer and longer to recover from. I’ve really been prioritizing exercise, but then there are those pesky aches and pains that I never really had any more. I also have been noticing weight-creep, which is super annoying! I had to buy a whole new wardrobe last year, and while it was probably time for other reasons, I’d like to not have to repeat that every year! I guess I really just started thinking about how what I really want is to be there for my daughter in a way that my own parents were never able to be for me, and if that is going to happen, I need to have my health!

    1. @omdg – yep. I am annoyed that I have to spend all this time doing back stretches and such just to operate normally, but I guess it is what it is!

  2. I had to pop in and share that I got my first pair of bootcut jeans in 1999, sophomore year of high school and I’ve never looked back! There were a couple years there that they were not available in stores and I had to order my favorite brand off ebay, but I’m happy to see they’ve made a return. I’m in style once again!

    1. @Kristin – yes, it was so annoying when I couldn’t find them in stores for many years! Maybe I need to stock up now lest trends change again…

  3. I can relate to the person who asked the traveling question. We joked that my last boss must not have liked his family because he would travel anywhere for anything. He was gone all. The. Time. Travel is part of my role but I have set a fairly firm boundary of traveling once/month unless something very very important comes up. My boss is totally fine with this. I am far more productive when I am in the office and I am so busy so traveling really sets me back. My travel is nearly all for client visits. I recognize that there is value for clients to see me in person (they are not my clients – the sales person brings me in as the subject matter expert). I think it’s fine to set boundaries. There are costs associated with travel – both tangible and intangible – so if you pose this as part of the reason for the boundary, I think it can go over well.

    1. @Lisa – I do suspect some folks view frequent travel as a win/win. They’re seen as committed and they don’t actually want to be in their own homes for whatever reason. The trouble, of course, is if that is seen as the norm and spills over to the expectations of people who actually like their families! Travel is inherently inefficient, so I agree that it needs to be worth it. Like anything, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

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