Tranquility by Tuesday turns 1!

My most recent book, Tranquility by Tuesday, launched on October 11th, 2022. So today, the book officially turns one!

It’s been fun to see this now toddler-aged book be out in the world. I enjoyed writing it, and I think it has a lot of useful ideas in it. If you read it, I hope you enjoyed it as well!

If you haven’t read TBT (as I call it), would you please pick up a copy? (Scroll down on that page for links to various retailers.) It’s available in ebook and audio form as well if you prefer that. You can also help me out by requesting that your library order a copy (or order more copies if there are multiple holds). Thank you!

In the meantime, if you read the book and adopted any new habits as a result, I’d love to hear about it. And please check out these short videos about several of the Tranquility by Tuesday rules! I loved filming stories about real people’s lives and how these rules can make a difference.

Here’s a video about the benefits of Rule #2: Plan on Fridays.

Here’s a video about a family adopting Rule #6: One big adventure, one little adventure.

Here’s a video about how life changes with Rule #7: Take one night for you.

Here’s a video about the upsides of Rule #9: Effortful before effortless.

Thanks for all your support of me and my books — it really means a lot to me.

12 thoughts on “Tranquility by Tuesday turns 1!

  1. Happy book birthday!! I highly TBT as a vacation read. Will put you in a relaxed mindset and excited to put some changes in place upon your return.

  2. I’ve read all your books Laura, and like Elisabeth I think TBT is my favourite, closely followed by “All The Money in The World”. I’m thinking of re-reading both this autumn. So many of the nine Rules make such a lot of sense and are also fun and positive; I just need to get better about implementing them in my life. Thank you for this book.

  3. I bought this book last year, but had didn’t have the bandwidth for big thinking at the time. Now I’m reading it in to get some ideas for my big “new years” energy that is coming and with the hope of finishing this year strong. It has really thought provoking lenses for looking at life holistically.
    I have been listening to the audio book from my library and had purchased the kindle version, but I’m really wishing there was a printable resource beyond just the score cord with the Take the Next Step and Your Turn questions/materials on them. Does that exist anywhere?
    Congratulations on writing a great book!

    1. @Adrienne – hope you like it! I ran a challenge last year where we went through the rules one by one. There’s a 9-rules 9-weeks discussion guide on the page for the book I believe (go to the “books” section on the website).

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